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just healing from spleenectomy

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hello all im just hanging in there trying to let my body heal from my spleenectomy that was done on feb.7.met with surgen yesterday and he was very pleased about the incision healing.got blood work done and my appt moved up with chemo onc it is in 2 weeks.we will discuss our next plan of action main topic will be starting back on avastin.when i left the hospital on feb.11 my platelets were 132,000.so we made the right decision in removing the spleen.Vicki havent heard from you i hope everything on your end is well.as some of you know my mother is wolfen and today is a big day for my stepdad fighting his own battle,please remember them for i am doing well.my daughter sent me a text message i would like to share to everyone in hopes that it will make your day better        " Trust me...I know exactly how it feels to cry in the shower so no one can hear...I know what its like to wait for everyone to fall asleep so you can fall apart...I know the pain of hurting so bad that you just want it all to end...BUT...I also know that i am stronger  than what i am fighting...I know that if i made it this far i can make it through today...I know that my life matters and i know that as long as i have my family,friends and Faith...I WILL SURVIVE....Godbless...johnnybegood

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(((JGB & The Clan)))

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It's great to hear about your good progress. We are really fighters when I stop and think about it.   Pray you continue to get better.  Jeff

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Loved the text message. Thank you for sharing. 

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Good luck with your next step.

Brenda Bricco
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Struck some nerves there with the text message..

Glad you are healing and your platelets are behaving, I was praying for Wolfen last night as I fell asleep. I pray that all goes well with them today.

GOD bless.


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And to know that you are doing well. Your family has so much going on. I know this will ease Wolfen's mind some to know you are doing well. Glad to hear about your platelets. Prayers for you for a speedy recovery and success with resuming your chemo.


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sorry I missed this post Johnny....hope your healing goes well and quickly


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Soo good to hear from you and your doing better.   I know when I had that tooth extracted I had to wait a bit before they'd start the avastin again....they started the folfiri but held off on the avastin.   


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Glad to hear that things are looking up. Great that you've got this surgery behind you and are not having to deal with any complications.


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Glad the healing is going well with good results from your surgery.

Love to you and keep hugging horses :)


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