Clear Cell Tumor with unknown primary.

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Hi, my wife had surgery one year ago to remove a tumor in her spine that turned out to be a clear cell tumor.  It was completely removed and she went thru radiotherapy treatment.  All the doctors thought that the tumor had metastasized from the kidney but all the test show a healthy kidney, so no primary was found.
Now, one year after that another small tumor was found on her lower back.  She is going for a pet scan today and her doctor talked to us about leaving the tumor where it is and treating the decease with some pills (I don't know the name).
Anybody heard of a case like this before?


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    Hi algut32

    Sorry for the latest developement concearning you wife and i am not trying to be rude but your post is missing alot of information such as does  your wife have one or two kidneys and if only one was she dxed with RCC in the past also there are at least a half a dozen drugs prescribed in a pill form that treat RCC [Renal Cell Carcinoma] with clear cell being one subtype of the disease.I can tell you are somewhat new to this but please stay aboard with the rest of us,lots of caring support and also lots of helpfull imformation,about your last question there are people here going through the same similar circumstances such as your wife.