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Help needed

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My husband has been thru laryngeal cancer, radiation, chemo/surgery no spread in lymph nodes. Then last year cancer of the cervical of the esophagus was found with no spread. Another radiation and chemo. PET/CT and scope were clear in September and October. January's PET/CT scan showed a small spot in his right lung that had been growing slowly over several PET/CT scans also according to the PET/Ct scan recurrence in the cervical of the esophagus. Needle biopsy of lung done two weeks ago and it is cancer.  Yesterday they tried to do a scope down his throat and esophagus. Well when the doctor went down his throat, which was very tight, he ended up going thru a large tumor and couldn't finish the scope due to how his esophagus had become very narrow.   I said no stent and the doctor agreed.  Said there were too many problems associated with a stent. 

Surgery he said is out due to the lung cancer and chemo is the only option now since the cancer is apparently spreading. I am concerned about how strong the chemo would be and think quality over quantity but whatever my husband decides I will back him.

I am wondering if anyone else has been thru this or something similar. My husband is 76 and up until the laryngeal diagnosis in late 2010 his health had been very good. We will see the medical oncologist next week to go a treatment plan, if any. And will definitely get a second opinion. 


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You are for sure at the quality vs. quantity time right now. I do-not envy the decision you two will be working through soon. I'm a quality at 56 years old and if I had a say in it, I would be a quality at 76. What ever he says or you two decide is the only factor here. I have never been thru this stage but I have reflected in my own case that I have lived a full life. More than the average man and I have made peace with my God and my family. Like I said...I do-not envy your position at this time.

I wish you the best!


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