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Could someone please tell me....

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Glad to be done
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Why the heck my eyelashes keep falling out??????  It is really starting to piss me off.  LOL.Seriously I think I am on my 3rd if not 4th set of eyelashes since they came back the first time.  I am never without eyelashes because they are constantly growing but right now they are just really short.  It seems like everytime they get long and I think "wow they look like my eyelashes before cancer" they fall out again.  WTH....

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Ever since I got my hair back, I noticed that both my hair and eyelashes tend to fall out easily.  If I run my hand through my hair, more times than not I'll have a couple of strands in my hand.  Luckily like you, my hair and lashes seem to be constantly growing but this is something I didn't experience before chemo.  I chalk it up to being a weird side-effect of chemo.  Bummer!


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I used to have to shave my legs  constantly now its like every so often i have hair growth on my legs. My eyelashes seem okay however i used to have to get my eyebrows waxed every couple of weeks and since chemo they came back but it has been a year and they have stayed the same have not had them waxed since before chemo. And as far as other hair growth goes lets just say i dont forsee needing a brazillian any time soon LOL Hope that wasnt to much information.  My chemo was carbo/taxol so i dont know if it depends on the type of chemo or like others have told me now that i was thrown into menopause after total hysterectomy that may also be a reason for some of the changes. Sorry about the long version of my responce

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