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Opinions about Dr. Luketich Vs. MD anderson Houston

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I listened to the great advice I recieved and I'm getting a second opinion from Dr. Luketich. Since we live in Phoenix they were willing to review my father's history to see if he's truely not a great canidate for MEI.  Chuck the PA was so nice and understanding and said they didn't want us to travel that far if it wasn't an option. 

Then I was thinking Houston is a lot closer, any opinions on the doctors there?


Tommorrow and Wednesday we find out the Pet scan results and the biopsy results from the Tumor they still see. I pray the lymphnodes are clear. 

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I had Ivor Lewis at MD Anderson.  I asked about MIE after William (Used to be most active and helpful person on here) had MIE by Dr Luketich and highly recommended it.  My surgeon didn't do MIE but said if I wanted to go that route he would refer me to a surgeon that did it.  I got a 2nd opinion from my oncologist and at the time he said that they had seen issues with MIE here with some of those that had it done here.  I understood it to mean they needed to get better at doing it.  I believe each surgeon is unique and skill sets are unique to the surgeon.  I believe a surgeon that is well versed in a procedure whether it be Ivor Lewis of MIE and does alot of them should be successful.  Question to ask whatever surgeon you go to is how many of the procedures have they done and what the success rate is versus the number that had complications.

Dr Luketich is the pioneer of MIE.  If he was at MD Anderson I would have chosen him and MIE.  I think MD Anderson is a fantastic place and I am blessed to live in the Houston Area.  Ask Questions and if you end up here in Texas I thnk you'll be well taken care of. 

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