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2 years

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Well, i just realized that yesterday was the 2 year anniversary of my last day of treatment for this cancer! In many ways it seems like another lifetime ago, in some ways, yesterday. Still, it is something to celebrate. At least there is no evidence of this cancer. Because I still have another cancer, it doesn't feel like such a victory. I am not NED of all cancer. But, hey, one down! I'll take it! Yay!

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I am tinking only good things for you, prayers in route ! One down one to go, half way there

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Thank you. Prayers are so appreciated!

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Well, despite the fact that this is perhaps a half-victory for you, I still think it's something to celebrate and I send my heartfelt congratulations!  My end of treatment date is the day I celebrate my anniversaries too and that has been a very special date for me for the last few years now.  For you, one cancer gone means focusing on taking care of any issues related to your other cancer and remaining hopeful that a successful treatment or even a cure will be found.  We can all hope!

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