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On a Lighter Note *Happy Birthday, John*

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Ingrid K
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Fellow Survivors and Caregivers !!  

Please join me in wishing John (Skiffin16) a very Happy Birthday today.  Let's load him up with birthday wishes.

John, we all appreciate you and your words of wisdom and encouragement.  You have been there for so many as we face our initial diagnosis, the terror of our treatment plans, and the picking ourselves up afterwards as we face the long road of recovery.

Enjoy your special day as you hurry home to your lovely bride and fur babies.......

oh and post pics of your lovely weekend spent at your son's wedding.

Happy Birthday from Ingrid, Ted & Barney

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Happy Birthday John!

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Well deserving another Happy B-Day John!


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I know you'll make it a good one!!  Are you going fishin'??


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Have a terrific birthday !  We so appreciate all you do and all the smiles you give us, even on our worst days !  You are very special, and deserve the best !   Katie  Wink

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Sorry I got on late and missed the party but Happy Birthday John! I second what Katie said ! Hope you are home and asleep by now !

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Skiffin, you make me giggle~~

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TY IK...

No fishing unfortunately... But being on/near the water is pretty darn close...

Thanks all...



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Happy Birthday John



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A very Happy Happy Birthday!!!!


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Have a wonderful Birthday my friend.



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Happy Belated Birthday old timer!

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Another year, what a blessing for folks who have dealt with the BEAST,  so again HB

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As I mentioned, my birthday was up in the air...

Finally got home last night (this morning) at 3:30am... Head feels like a basketball between the pressure changes from the flights, and allergy/sinus from the pollen bloom in Florida.

Just chillaxin with Shells and the girls after a late morning breakfast with Shelley at Cracker Barrel.

Best - John

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