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Sharing my Hubby's adorable face.

Brenda Bricco
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I changed my pic to one of both of us... can't you just see the sassy in him?

I just decided that I don't want cancer to be the focus, I would much rather share who my husband is and focus on the good.

He is the most kind, gentle, loving and funny person I have ever met. Did I mention that he is funny? He makes me laugh everyday. He also takes wonderful care of me even though he is the one fighting for his life. He shovels the snow and picks me up in the front of the house so my shoes don't get wet, he puts gas in my car, is always concerned if I have money to have fun with. He has always done everything in his power to keep my love of horses in my life. He even sold his corvette and bought a horse so he could ride with me. Sometimes he stands on top of the hill when I am down by the barn and moons me; yea, that's right HE MOONS ME every chance he gets and I am honored to be the focus of his shenanagens. He sings the Little Red Riding Hood song to me (because I am a red head) and really puts the charm on the howl at the end. He thinks I am the prettiest woman he has ever met, tells me every day (the only lie he is allowed to tell me). lol

I just saw a plaque today that said if you aren't grown up by the time you are 50, you don't have to grow up; that would be him.

He was made for me and I want to keep him by my side for many, many years. My life would be empty and lonely with out him, I pray that GOD let's me keep him.

I am sure that many of you are fighting for your best friend so if you would like to share who they are I would love to hear about them.

GOD's blessings to you all.


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That was such a  sweet post and I wil keep you in my prayers...you deserve to be together for a long long time .sometimes it really helps to take the focus out of teh disease and just let things be...


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We are also engaged in this battle. My husband is in hospital so I'm spending my time reading this board. We have been married 38 years and were together 6 years before that. This dance through life has been as a couple for a very long time. We have gone through the death of our first baby and had the joy of raising two incredible young men.  We have been truly blessed. We have weathered good times and bad but always faced life supported by the strength of our commitment and love for each other. There is a song by Rascal Flatts that I found via this discussion board and I believe it says it all: www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqrR8AgTo_A

Wishing you continued life, love, hope  and strength To continue this battle.  

Brenda Bricco
Posts: 579
Joined: Aug 2011

I know that song very well and yes it leaves nothing unsaid. Wink

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But I couldn't get your picture to appear any larger. Sadly my eyes are taking a beating, and I can't see it properly.  You can add pictures to post though, I saw Justin do it the other day. I think it would be fun to post more pictures. Happy ones.

I'm also in love with the best man in the world. 29 years of marriage for us this year.  He's handling my journey with cancer quite well, or so it seems from the outside. 

We went through some tough times when we lost two babies and then were told we couldn't have any more. But I just knew there were some out there waiting for me to be their mother. So against the advice of Doctors we kept trying and now have two wonderful grown lads. 

Life is quite the journey. I would not wish this particular journey on anyone, yet many, many, many travel it. In fact, it seems more and more are joining us every day, and I find that rather disturbing.

Brenda, your man sounds delightful. I pray hs spirits keep high and happy. God bless you both and all within the sound of my post. 

Brenda Bricco
Posts: 579
Joined: Aug 2011

If some one knows how to post pics I would be happy to post some.

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But it has something to do with the little green box with the tree that you see in the header bar above the text box.  I't going to try to play with here, so a post or two may appear and disappear. 
Well that seemed to work.     So, I have a Photobucket account. I copied the Direct Link. Hit the little Tree Icon in the bar at the top and pasted the picture.  If there is another way that someone else knows, be sure to share. 
Chemo Take-away
Brenda Bricco
Posts: 579
Joined: Aug 2011

I am gonna keep trying.

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I think you will probably have to open an account with one of the photo place things, like Photobucket. 

Meanwhile, If you want a picture posted, PM (private message) me and I'll send you my email and post it for you until you figure it out. 

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You "kids" remind me so much of my "kids" in Kentucky. Your love of horses, hubby's many kind and funny acts, the determination and love for each other. Hang onto all of that and your faith.

I met my hubby 40+ years ago at a friend's house and gave him my correct phone number.(I usually only gave a fake one)  He moved in and has stayed for forty years. Marriage is a learning process, no matter how long it takes. We are both a little crazy, calming down some as we age. He was a precision heliarc welder for 30 years, building rocket and jet engines, parts that are on the moon, and Trident submarines. He did well for an ol' redneck from W. Va. He is kind, generous, funny and loves us all very much. He must have a certain amount of patience as he's put up with me all these years. I love him very much and cannot comprehend my life without him.

My JBG is my oldest "baby" and is his stepdaughter. She is much like you with her "special" horse and has loved them since she was a child. Just as her life seemed filled with her lifelong dreams, cancer pulled the rug out from under her. She is tiny, but has the grit and determination of a giant. To lose her would be to lose life itself.

Hubby & I have a son who was born when JBG was fourteen. I always joked and said "Well, there went my trip to Europe" when he was born. He was a whirlwind, so different from my nice, quiet, well mannered JBG. LOL He has grown into a fine man.

This was a nice idea you had to give a little background. It only makes us feel closer to one another.



Brenda Bricco
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Joined: Aug 2011

Hope it's there...

Nope, will keep trying



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I'm the one with cancer. My husband has been to every appt with me. I don't think I could have ever done this without him. We will be married 20 years this year. He married me with baggage as it calls it, my two older children. We have had good times and bad, but when it got really bad, cancer, he is always there. My two older children know him as dad and are so lucky to have him too. I hope we can be together many more years, but if it all ended tomorrow, I can say I had a good life.
Sandy :)

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It's a lovely tribute to a special man.  I hope the two of you get to share many more wonderful times together!  My husband and I have been together for almost 30 years, since I was 18.  It's a special experience getting the opportunity to literally grow up with someone like that.  I hope we get to grow old together as well, but if not, I'm grateful for the time we've been given.  AA

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Love this!!!!!!!!

Love the photo, love the story, love that you two are so deeply in love.

Thanks for sharing,


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It's wonderful to get backgrounds of our CSN friends.  Keep up the lovin'

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What beautiful love stories on thithread.... Your hubby sounds a lot like my sometimes goofy husband.  We have been together since 1991.... He is a little quiet about his feelings and my treatment/diagnosis.   I guess this is just his way of keeping it together mentally... We have a 10 year old and a 12 year old... So he is trying to stay mentally strong for them.  Mi know that he has had his moments too... Somedays I just feel so helpless.   Sorry to bring this otherwise very upbeathread down.


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your husband made me smile and so nice he makes you smile too.

I met my husband in May of 2004 and we were married in July...we were both not too long out of bad marriages and we just sparked with each other.


In December of 2008 we got the IV dx of his cancer.  I get so angry that we are being robbed of our "golden years" together, but again, so glad 

that we have however long we have.  

Hugs to you both 


PS That is a pic of him waaayyy before we met, in my avatar.  Bet you didn't know I am married to a Lynyrd Skynryd survivor..Cool

He still has those bedroom eyes!

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