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Losing my mind?

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Hi there,

my name is Jill and I'm currently going thru endometrial cancer Tx again. When it was first discovered I was very lucky, I just needed surgery and then constant vigilant testing. After 7 years I was considered to be in total remission. Then I went into the dr. for what I thought was a gallbladder problem. Never did I suspect it was cancer again. Now I'm undergoing chemotherapy (carboplaxtin taxol). I'm only 2 Txs in and I feel like the chemo is causing me to lose my mind. Each day it's a new symptom, a new pain, and depression. I know I need to suck it up, but everyday I feel like my life is slipping from me. Is anyone out there feeling this way? What have you done to take control? Thanks so much for listening!

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Sorry you are going through chemo this time.  When I was diagnosed with cancer it was recommended that I see a counselor.  I never felt like I needed one.  So I did not see one.  Many others have seen counselor s and are taking anti depressants to help them through their journey.  They find them a tremendous help.

 Sharing your feelings can help a lot.  Taking the medicine makes a difference, too.

hope you are feeling better soon.  

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Thanks RO10! I've been seeing a counselor ever since my Mom died of Breast cancer. She's been helpful in getting me to sort out my feelings. Sometimes I wish she could follow me around to help when I break down. But I'll manage it. Thank for your words of support. I sincerely appreciate it!


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Truly can relate to your feelings, cancer sucks!  It just comes into our life and causes much distress, and we're to continue on like normal?  Not always easy.

What got me thru, group therapy for cancer patients/survivors.  I joined a non-for-profit in my local area called CANCER SUPPORT COMMUNITY.  I joined right after my diagnosis and prior to start of treatments and we met every Monday.  The members and I had a lot in common, therefore we could relate and share our experiences and thoughts on how to get thur life after our diagnosis.  As well evertyning at the facility is FREE....classes for family members, cooking classes, yoga classes, etc, etc.  FREE...everything.

There are other facilities in different parts of the US if this isn't in your area, so ask around.  I can't say enough about this support as made me feel like I'm not the only one going thru this mess.  Today some, 4 yrs later still meet with some of the  members once per month.  

Just a thought as it got me thru....

Best to you,



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Thanks Jazzy1, 

i have yet to go to any group counseling although I want to when I'm not so tired. I am going to a Oncology Rehab excerise program, which has helped for strength and motivation. I guess I'm just trying to hold on during the times when I'm not so busy. That's when I think too much. I'll speak with my counselor about it. I nk now I can beat this, I just sometimes have those bad times when it wants to crush me. Having listening ears has helped today. Thank you so much for your sugguestions. I really appreciate you reaching out.



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>Cancer is a bad trip and i imagine particularly discouraging when you think it's history. I know how I reacted when learning about second recurrence.

I think it is normal to imagine every twinge as a bad sign. Hey, i'm right there with you. I also experienced definite brain problems which I attribute to the Doxil- like feeling simultaneously full & hungry. Definitely weird. I am also being treated for depression - who wouldn't be?

Hang in there, Jill. I believe it will get better for both of us.

Mary Ann

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Thanks Mary Ann,

I'm so grateful to know that I'm not alone in this. Even though this is my 2nd time around, it really feels like a 1st time since I didn't do chemo or radiation. I guess I'm just skittish about every little thing. I hope that at some time my body will start to tolerate all this poison. I appreciate your comments! Thank you!

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