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I had a blood transfusion on Friday.

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Apparently, the chemo is not only attacking my WBC it is attacking the bone marrow overall.  Which means my RBC, hemoglobin, platelets, etc.  have been getting lower and lower too.  So the onc said I needed a blood transfusion.  I tell my hubby this and he freaks out...after a few hours I found out he interpreted 'transfusion' as take my blood out and put in some other blood.  He didn't realize it meant add more blood.  Sometimes you have to be very specific with the male mind...

Transfusion was fine.  The benedryl made me sleep most of the day, but I do feel more 'myself' today.  (Hopefully that means I can get some junk done.)




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Im sorry i thought just like your husband,but i forgot you can just add also,Im glad your feeling better and so sorry for the scare.tell your husband he can calm down now.lol whats next? i pray nothing for all of us. hugs~~MollyZ~~

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I am so sorry to hear your chemo is effecting you body like that, but glad they figured it out and you got a transfusion. You, like many others, deserve a break!

New Flower
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i think Gemzar is famous for its effect CBC counts. I am glad that you and your oncologist moved fast.

my last cycle of Xeloda also affected all counts, including platelets as well.my docto was very concerned, fortunately it is rebound after 1 week without blood frays fusion.

please have a rest and only light activities


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Bella Luna
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Linda... so glad your transfusion went well and you are home resting.  Also, glad to hear you are feeling better.  That transfusion gave your body an extra boost to carry on! 

Big hugs to you, dear Linda.

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Jean 0609
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Hope the blood infusion helped you feel better.  Hang in there.



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Dear Linda,

I am sorry that you needed a transfusion but glad that it will remedy the situation.  I hope you will soon be feeling perky.

Thinking of you,


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Hi Linda,

I can't believe your husband thought they were taking out blood.  I don't know weather to laugh or cry.  I'm sorry your RBC is low.  I had the same problem when I went through chemo in 2009.  I had to have two seperate blood transfusions.  I hope you feel a difference and get some energy back.  Praying for you!


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Hope his gives you some zip and your counts stay up! Sounds like your husband is a little scared with everything you have gone through. Think of you all the time.

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Hi Linda,

I hope you are feeling better today and you were able to get some "junk" done.  

You are amazing!


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