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Cardiac tamponade: back from the brink of death

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Shocking but true. My lymph system failed to drain and fluid built up in pericardium & pulmonary cavities. I was told within a week my blood pressure would be zero. They waited another 4 days! Lesson learned: don't get sick on weekend.

3 weeks & 2 days in hospital and still very weak. The doxil failed to work. New plan: weekly carboplatin & taxotere (substituted for taxol to lesson neuropathy). I had first infusion this week. I will have 3weeks on & one week off while monitoring ca125. I hope it works. Doc said he doubts I will attain NED again which was sad to hear.

I'm just trying to stay in the moment &not get too far ahead of myself. Rudy & I are taking care of legal business long overdue.

Thank you all for your love & support. I am blessed to have your friendship &support. What a wonderful community we have. I am very saddened about the loss of Annie- God bless her sweet soul. Another angel watching over us.

Glad to be back, friends!

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Laughing Mary Ann!!!!  My heart is so uplifted to see your post.  I'm so happy to hear from you.  Ro has been so good in posting and letting us know how you are.   Welcome back, I believe someone had mentioned that the website might go down with all that will respond!

 Welcome back you wonderful, kind, caring, fighter, knowledge seeker, compassionate person!


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It is so good to see your post.  You have definitely been missed.  I pray that this new combo works for you.  

I have never been able to have that dance with NED.   But yet I keep up the Fight.

 Take it one day at a time and enjoy the sunshine.  In peace and caring.

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I'm so happy to see your posting and you know, we've all been rooting for you!!!  One thing I will say about you, you're truly one tough cookie~

Do not give up as I've truly seen some wonderful miracles during my cancer journey and think you're showing signs of being one of them....keep up the good work~

Love & big cyber Hugs,



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Glad to see you are back Maryann.  I was wondering about Annie and was trying to pull her up on facebook but couldn't.

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I too tried to pull up Annie on Facebook, but could not pull her up.  Since 

lawrence said to check her Facebook page, I thought I would check it out.

i sure am having trouble typing on this site :(.  You cannot correct typos, or at times continuing typing.

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I was soooo pleased to see your post today!

Give Rudy a hug from all of us for keeping us updated and also a nice cyber hug to Ro for her updates.

I hope to be looking up to you - as well as Ro - for the foreseeable future as someone who can still be around for a long time even though they can't achieve NED.

You see, I was lucky enough to tolerate taxol/carboplatin with little or no side effects for 6 cycles. I did so well that the docs decided to let me go the maximum - 9 cycles (9th cycle will be Feb 28).

However, I'm pretty sure my CA125 (which is a marker for me) will not be where it should be (I think it'll be in the 50's somewhere) :(  However, there is "significant shrinkage" on the CT scans :) so I'll soldier on. 

Anyway, enough about me. Sending much pixie dust your way that you get stronger each day. Smile   

Edited to add: I saw Lawrence's post and even though I didn't know Annie that well, I knew what it meant and was sad. It affects all of us deeply in this community when we lose a member.  

Cindy Bear
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so glad to see you've posted.. and that you are home. There truly is no place like home. I'm also glad to hear you have a new plan in place.. well , the Dr. may doubt it, but that doesn't mean it can't or won't happen..

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers,




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Kathy G.
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Mary Ann,


So glad to see you back on the boards as many of your posts were an inspiration to me during the first month after being diagnosed. You have been a great teacher as well as example of a fighter.

I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as well as you continue your journey...if I have learned one thing from reading these boards and everyone's persoanl experiences it is that things are definitely decided in God's time...not by doctors or other professionals. I agree so much with what I have read about us being ONE statistic...not one thrown in a group of statistics.

Take care!


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MaryAnn!!  Sooo glad to you and your big blue dog!  We were all lost and lonely here without you!  The meds WILL work, the dr.s are wrong, you WILL have NED. and you WILL be here for many, many years...I said so!!!  Best, Debrajo

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So glad to see you back Mary Ann! You were missed!

Glad to hear you're starting on new chemo.....and hope it's gentle on you.

Sending big hugs......and big prayers!

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So pleased to see you back on the boards again.  Boy, you have had a rough time of it, but Chester really shouldn't have thought he could get the better of such a strong lady! 

Pleased to hear that there is a plan in place.  It is hard to hear that NED might not be attainable, but I read about a lady with breast cancer who was in the same position.  Her view was that as long as cancer is quiet tenant, it can stay in her body, but the moment it gets above itself, it needs slapping down!  I figure that's a good way of thinking and I try to take each day in that way.  If it's "all quiet" it's OK but if it causes me symptoms, then it's got to be knocked back a bit until I'm symptom free again.  It does take some time to get your head around it, as we all want to shout out that we've attained NED, but managing symptoms and enjoying each day is a pretty good goal, too.

I was sorry to hear about Annie and couldn't find her Facebook page.  She always gave such good and kind advice and I found her posts so helpful when I started on this journey.  I like to think that Linda, Maggie, Annie and all the ladies who have gone before are having a party somewhere and raising a glass to those of us still "in the ring" with this beast.

Kindest wishes

Sisters three
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You've made everyone's week! Blue Dog? I thought that was your husband!

Have a great Day! Our sun just showed back up after several days of rain, here's hoping you have sun too!


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When I returned last night from spending a few days visiting my daughter's family, stiff from the 5 hour drive and bummed that I had to cut it short by a day to miss the storm coming in, I got on my iPad and there you were!!!  I cheered up immediately.  Cardiac tamponade- you are one tough gal!  You may not be able to get rid of Chester entirely but I bet you have him cowering in a corner in no time, wishing he had never messed with you.  

I hope each day finds you a little stronger and you and your walking buddy will be out and about soon, even if it's just a block or 2 to start.
I don't know what we would have done without Ro and Rudy to keep us up to date while you were out of commission.
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Hi Mary Ann,

I am happy you are feeling better and posting again.  I hope this combo works for you.  Sounds like a good plan.  I always wish you the best!  You certainly have a fighting spirit towards Chester.  Take care.


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You give us such encouraging hope.  May all the treatments keep you here for a long time.  You were missed but Rudy and Ro kepted us posted on how you were doing.  trish

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Mary Ann, i'm so happy to see you getting stronger everyday. I would check the post everyday to see if you were back with us posting.  I know you will do well with your Chemo, you have that positive attatude

 After a year of my husband caring and worrying about had a heart attack yesterday, he is doing fine, having a Angioplasty done.

we returned home from Florida Friday, after attending my granddaughters Christening, we had a great bonding time.

Saturday hubby went to work hour later had his attack, I'm glad we were home in time.

cancer has a effective on the whole family, for the patient and the caregiveat.

hope, you continue doing well.

hugs to you,


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Double Whammy
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So good to see you back on the board.  I kept track of your ordeal thanks to Ro and Rudy.  I hope the new treatments are helpful and your body is now ready for them.  Sending prayers and good mojo.


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Sara Zipora
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Glad to see YU back


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The cancer diagnosis definitely affects all of our family.  Hope you and your husband are doing better soon.  Take care.

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You surely did not need something else on your plate.  I hope your husband is doing well.  Let us know

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