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My warrior is gone...

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My friends,

Your loving messages over the past couple of days were beyond eanything I could have hoped for.  Sadly, Dad died last night.  My husband, sister, brother, and brother-in-law, and I were there and with him as he was removed from the c-PAP.  1940s music softly played and he moved a bit to Glenn Miller's "String of Pearls."    Sedation and pain meds let him say what needed to be said and it was awfully nice to hear him clearly say, "I... had... a ...good ...life."  

I want you all to know you were with us every step of the way.  I read him your entries and when faced with a new situation, Dad would insist I check with his "cancer buddies."

I wish you could have met this most incredible man. 

Born in 1918, he graduated high school in 1935.  During the depression he made money by pickling produce, delivering Western Union telegrams by bicycle, planting trees for the Forest Service for 5 cents and hour and--his FAVORITE job--selling real silk hosiery to the town ladies!

He was in WWII Army-Air Corps, Pacific Theater: China-Burma-India.  He flew the Hump, and fixed or flew attack planes. advance and primary trainers, bombers, basic trainers, cargo carriers and the pursuit.

He married, had four children, worked hard and played fair.

I am numb and will miss this man I lovingly called, "My Dude."

May God bless you all on your journey...


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I am sorry for your loss, but at the same time smiling... Your father was one hell of a man, the kind of man you don't see much of anymore. Worked hard, loved his family, obviously loved and honored his country and passed knowing he had a good roll of it and nothing in his past is keeping him from his reward.

Thinking of you, familiy and friends...


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What a wonderful description of his life.  What a truly lucky family to know first hand a great person.  I am very sorry for your loss.



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My condolences and prayers for you and your family. You're father's prayers were answered in his last words. What amazing words to hear! 


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Ingrid K
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so very sorry to hear this news.  What a great man he was.  Your tribute above is lovely.

May your memories of him give you comfort that he is now at peace.

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I'm so sorry for your loss.  Our Father's are our hero's forever.  One of my Father's favorites songs and I think we danced many dances to also was the string of pearls.  You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers through out this time.   Katie

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Losing our fathers, especially one like yours, is just hard.

You and your family are in my thoughts and prayers, Vee.

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I am sorry for your loss. Another part of our History has passed. My Dad was also Army Air Corps. Maybe they are telling some War stories to each other.

Thank you for your Service to our Country Soldier,  Slow Hand Salute.....

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deepest sympathy~~

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I sincerely offer you and your family my deepest condolences on the passing of your beloved father. May he continue to live on in the world of spirit to protect, guide and inspire you.


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jim and i
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How blessed were you to have a such a wonderful man for a father. May you find comfort knowing he suffers no more and is walking with our Lord.


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He did have a good long life. So Blessed with you and other loved ones. God Bless. don

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May your Father be rejoicing with the Lord right now!

I am so sorry for your loss, it is a great tribute that you wrote about your Dad, and a wonderful way for someone who never met him to see what he had done with "the good life" he was blessed with.

The love and adulation of his family is a true testment to his success as a Father and a Man! May you always have sweet memories to hug you when you are missing your Dad.

Sorry for your loss,

God bless you and your family, I will pray you find peace,


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I am saddened to hear of your loss.....your Poppa lived an incredible life.....hard work, fairness and integrity....Sting of Pearls was one of my mom's fav's, too.....we played it at her funeral, as well as Sentimental Journey and many other songs from the 40's....

My heart goes out to you and yours.....memories are everything, and I can tell your dad left you many of those.....big hug going your way...


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our sympathy for your loss.  We pray for your family during this tough time.

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I am sorry to hear your Father has passed away.  I also wanted to comment on your wonderful tribute you wrote it is very touching.  I am glad he got say say goodbye and that he had a good life.  It is so very hard to loose your parents.  Now you must take care of yourself and begin the grieving process.  You take care of you now and know you were a wonderful daughter to a wonderful Man.  He is at peace and we that are left behind are the ones who hurt.  may your memories make you smile when the time is right...my thoughts are with you and your Family. 


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Sorry for you loss. I know you will miss him dearly. He sounds like a wonderful man and had a good life.....for he even told you as his final words. God Bless you and your family.

May your "Dude" RIP.


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Thoughts, prayers and wishes for happy memories...


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I'm so sorry for the loss of your "Dude"
God truly does pick the prettiest flowers first! Heaven is sure to be absolutely beautiful by the time we get there.
It is such a blessing that your dad was able to tell you that he lived a good life and that you were able to be with him and help see him off to his new home.
I know right now it may be too overwhelming and sad but I hope that all of your happy memories will give you comfort.
Sending you a hug and peace.

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Your dad it would seem is part of the Heros from another ages, but my father taught me heros are ageless.  At your fathers age that would apply both physically and metaphorically.  What a simply incredible man.  I wish we had a picture to pay tribute to him with a salute, but know I did as my dad taught me "I bowed my head with my hand over my heart and whispered "God speed and God bless you soldier" (my dad was an officer in the Navy for 24 years)

Vee, when you visit your dad next time, you be sure and tell him his old warrior buddies gave honor and thought to him and he wil not soon be forgotten.  None on hear are it seems.

I whispered a praye for your comfort Vee....Losing a father who is a loving man, hero and a "dude" must hurt, but oh how proud too you must be of his life / legacy.



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for letting us know of you father's passing; and letting us know just a little about him. He was quite an individual. Rick.

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Vee, prayers on the way from my family to yours. Your dad is now resting and comfortable.

Take care


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I am so sorry for you loss.  You dad sounds like a great man.  I am happy that you got to have such wonderful memories of him.



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I think any one of us would love to live a life as long and and as full as your dude.    I miss my dad and you too will miss yours.  But remember all the good times together and he'll always be with you.


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Prayers to help you through this difficult time. It sounds like your Dad truly did have a wonderful life. God bless

Kent Cass
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Belated condolences, Vee. He lived one heckuva rich life, it sounds like- and that's a good thing. He's with the Lord now.


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So sorry for the lose of your dad, you were truly blessed to have a terrific dad. My he rest in the peace he has earned.


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So Sorry for you loss.  Prayers your way1  Ann

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