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afraid I have ovarian cancer I am so scared

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I have felt run down for awhile now, but lately I am exhausted, I have gained weight without changing eating (I was feeling nauseous and vomiting alot but I haven't for some time, but now I have frequent indigestion) I am peeing every 5 minutes (not an exageration! when someone is in bathtub I have to have them pull the curtain 5 times to go pee-that started a few weeks ago right after what I thought was a uti which I have never really had til this past year, and then it was several times) my lower back aches, my legs ache, my feet are very cold, my hands have went numb and tingly a few times which I thought was anxiety, my sides hurt off and on (also recently started, and it feels strange like a twinge feeling) I am so scared! my mom had ovarian cancer (and beat it) my dad had cancer twice and died a couple years ago, my aunt died of cancer (not sure if it was ovarian) my grandpa died of cancer, my cousin died of cancer, and my uncle died of cancer.......don't know what to do if I did have it (with no insurance) and I don't want to die - I'm sorry, I just had to get this all out and I don't want to scare my son or anyone too......so I googled and found this site

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and I am glad you found this site.  There are many wonderful, caring and knowledgeable women here who can answer questions or listen to your thoughts and fears.  Having said that you really need to see a doctor.  I understand your fears completely but whatever is going on you need to find out so you can get help.  I didn't see a doctor for a month when I was experiencing some classic ovarian cancer symptoms.  I didn't know that at the time.  I didn't feel that sick. 

There can be many explanations for the symptoms you are having but you won't know unless you seek medical help.  We will be here for you but take the first step.



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thank you for the quick reply and I am so thankful I found this site too! my mom made me an apt for wednesday, I definitely won't miss it, she's already checked at the local hospital too and if you need surgery or treatment and have no insurance they won't turn you away, but that has me freaked out too just that she seems to be so concerned that I MAY NEED surgery & treatment.....I never realized how scared she had to be when she was diagnosed, I wish I had been there for her more than I was, and I don't think I am strong enough to go through what she did and what my dad did (ok yes I am freaking myself out more thinking about this so much) going to calm down and qui't worrying for now! 

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I'm so glad you found this site too and I'm really glad you have a doctor appointment  next week.  The women here truly understand your fears and anxieties.  I know this is easier said than done, but until you get this checked out, please try not to think too far into the future or to think about the worse-case scenario.  There really could be many things causing your symptoms.  Until next Wednesday, take lots of deep breaths and try to focus on other things and feel free to come to this site any time, especially if those fears start creeping back.  Please check in with us after your appointment.  Sending lots of good thoughts your way!



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