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1 Week Done

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It was so good to have the pump removed today. 

Little scare with very low b/p and oxygen.  Had leg ultrasound and chest ct, both were negative-port is a little inflamed.

I already have mouth sores which is disappointing, I have been religious about the MuGard. 

I am looking forward to a weekend of no doctors and two weeks of no chemo.

Onward and Upward.

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Congrats on having the first week behind you!  I hear you about getting that pump removed--what a feeling of freedom!  I'm sorry you are getting the mouth sores.  I did not have sores, per se, just a really bad case of thrush and mouth tenderness.  I hope the MuGard will kick in and give you some relief.  Try to relax this weekend, rest up and enjoy no doctor's appts.!

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Have a rrestful weekend. Sorry about the mouth sores. Have you tried rinsing twice a day with warm salt water?

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BBDogs: I suffered with the mouth sores too... Magic Mouthwash helped a lot..... It was a perscription - you just swish a little in your mouth and spit it out. I would use it before I ate - it would numb my mouth so I could eat a little easier. It also seemed to reduce the sores.  I also got thrush, which were like little bumps on the roof of my mouth, and got another perscription for that, which got rid of it pretty fast.

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