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Hi was trying to avoid this conversation. I do read every post here most every day. I went yesterday for my CA125 Im 9months out of chemo so my number went from 8 to 42 I have had a cold for three weeks in January and dental work over the weekend. Does anyone have thoughts or experience with these things raising your numbers. I have spoke to oncol. will meet with him next week However i value all of your opinions more so because of seeing all of your posts and what everyone has experienced. ( Just to claify 3 months ago my number was 8 yesterday 42) Thank You in advance for all of your thoughts. And yes trying to not freak out over the weekend  NOTE TO SELF do test on mondays so i dont have to wait the weekend lol  Thank You again and always

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Hi Alnik

i know how you feel.  7 months out my ca 125 went from 20 to 49. when this happened, my onc said to texts it again the next month and I also got a CT done. She wanted to wait one month to see if for sure what was going on. She didn't seem concerned a bout waiting 1 month at all. So maybe your ca125 has risen due to some other inflammatory processes going on.  I hope that is the case. 

Unfortunately for me, my number kept rising, currently (101). However, this is a good time for me to consider clinical trials. I can always go back to chemo:(. There is a clinical trial with PARP inhibitors going on in Maryland  that I'm trying to get into. Take meds orally and see dr once a month. They pay for the flights, as well. 

Best to you! 

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I know I wouldn't be happy either if my number rose from 8 to 42.  However, I really think you have to take into account the fact that you had a cold recently (you may have some lingering respiratory issues) and dental work which could easily mean gum inflammation.  I know what you mean about getting that kind of news before the weekend.  Still, try to do your best to focus on other things (I know, easier said than done!) until you meet with your doctor.  And please keep us posted.  We're here for you!



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I hate waiting for results,,mine rose a little each each time...then I had scan and went back on chemo.  Hoping your numbers don't rise any more..cancer sucks



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Just wanted to say good luck and fingers crossed that the trial works for you. 

Currently stage 4 so for me so ever onwards and upwards.  I have been stage 4 now for 4 months and have now been told no more.  To be honest got very angry as no one wants to admit that there is nothing that can be done.


But..... there is always hope.  Had scan on friday and the primary tumour has reduced by an inch...


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Dental work can absolutely increase your CA-125.  I know a couple of women who have had that happen. 

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There can be errors in the lab results. They use some kind of dilution procedure and it can be inaccurate. Wishing you the best!

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