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Bathroom question

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Has anyone had bleeding and some jelly like substance from the rectum?  I have had this off and on for about two weeks now and I am a little scared. 

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It is best not to speculate on what this might be.  As I am sure you know this is not normal.

Best to get seen by gastro doc so he can give the right diagnosis and treatment.

Don't let your fears of what it might be delay you in making the appointment. 

Wishing you the best news from the doc.

Marie who loves kitties

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Yes, this was part of the 'listen to me' I got from my body before I found out I had colorectal cancer.

Doesn't mean that is what is means for you, but its definitely worth looking into. 

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You didn’t say if you’ve had a resection or not, or if you have an Ostomy.


The bleeding is of concern, regardless, and you should make an appointment with your physician and find out what’d going on. The “jelly substance” can be almost anything, but bleeding should never be ignored.


Make that appointment, willya’?


Best hopes,



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I had both of those which caused me to go to the doctor to begin with and how I found out I had cancer.  Then I had both bleeding and jelly like substance all throughout treatment.  I'm not sure where you're at in treatment but my doctor told me during chemo and radiation this is normal.  Of course, I made him check anyway.  It was just what he told me it was.  The tumor was bleeding and the jelly was just mucous. 

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