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Monthly Check-Up

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Just a short post to let you Ladies know how my monthly check-up went today. Stage IV with Bone mets. No aches or pains and all blood tests looking good. Still on chemo drugs; Afinitor 10mg & Exemestane 25mg(generic brand for Aromasin). Side effects: dry mouth, fatigue & shortness of breath(if too much exertion). Still taking monthly Zometa infusions,too, to build up my bone mass.

Had a short bout with lymphodema in my right leg a couple of months ago after my hip surgery. Went through P.T. where they massaged my leg and wrapped it to reduce the swelling. Now I have to wear lymphodemia "tights"(like men's pantyhose). Have to wear rubber gloves to get them on,too.

Not N.E.D.,but still kicking! Special thoughts and Prayers to all you Pink Ladies. Thanks for thinking about me.

Your Pink Brother, Robert


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So nice to see your post on here Robert.  You have been in my thoughts.  Keep me posted on the Afinitor and Aromasin, that will be my next step.  I failed Faslodex and because it's my 3rd failure in 3 years, I agreeded to chemo after 18 years of only hormonal therapy drugs .  Going for a port tomorrow and begin Taxol on Wednesday.  I couldn't believe I agreed but the alternative was not very appealing.

I have lymphedema in my arm and need to get a sleeve.  After 18 1/2 years of bragging, 2 lymph node dissections, 4 bouts of cellulitis, fly a lot, long flights too and remained lymphedema free.  Can't say that anymore, it caught up with me.  Those rats!

Well, I am glad that your getting the hang of it, my uncle had knee surgery and has to wear the tights too.  I know he doesn't find it easy either.  

You said NED wasn't around but is the stable boy?  I like him a lot.  He was with me and then the fickle boy left me high and dry, actually my right lung is stable and so isn't my ribs and pleura only the other left lung decided to play bad.  

I hope and really hope A & A (as I think of them) will make you meet NED again.  Keep us updated.



New Flower
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i was worrying about you. Thank you for your update, I am glad that you are ok and taking good care of yyourself I am still on Chemo


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I am glad to hear about your stable status! I am sorry though that you have joined our lymphedema group. There are some fabulous websites to learn about LE:

Some may be geared towards breast cancer arm and truncal LE but the info is still good:







There is a lot more to treating LE than just OT/PT and wearing your LE garments. Those websites will also help find those things too.

breastcancer.org has some very knowledgeable women regarding LE on their LE forum. I highly suggest you look at that website. I have learned more on LE from those women than anywhere else!

Anyway, great to hear you are stable!

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I don't come to the forum as much anymore.  Trying to forget about cancer.  However, I don't want to forget about my sisters and brothers and do check in on occasion.  

Stay strong and positive.  Have faith too.  That's what has helped me when I felt nervous and/or scared.  

I wish you better health and brighter days ahead.



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Double Whammy
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So good to hear from you.  Glad the hip surgery is behind you now.  Please check in more often.


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So nice to hear from you!  I was wondering how you have been.  Glad to see your treatment is still working for you.  I'm sorry to hear about your lymphodema.  I have had to wear a sleeve on my arm and it is not easy getting that on either.  Glad your hip surgery was a success.  I hope you are getting around better than you were.  Stay positive and keep us posted.  I've missed seeing you on the boards!


Your Sister in Pink


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Thank you so much for letting us know how you are doing.  I think the saying is supposed to be that "no news is good news" but I think of it as "no news is bad news" and well, even if it is bad news, we still want to hear from you.  We can help you deal with bad news and we can celebrate the good news with you.  Just know that we care about you and thank you for caring about us!  And Robert, I'm trying not to get too tickled at the thought of you putting on rubber gloves so you can put on your pantyhose.



Lynn Smith
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It's so good to hear from you.I've been wondering how you're doing.I'm glad the blood work is good.Mine was good for no sign of cancer but low on a few vitamins. Getting boosted and feeling better. The side effects of the chemos  you're taking is what you're dealing with now. The typical side effects.Just glad you're able to take what is most likely the chemo that is going to put you in remission.Hopefully very soon.

You're always in my Thoughts and Prayers. My best to you and your family.

Please keep in touch. 

Lynn Smith

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Oh Robert, I picture bright blue rubber gloves and panty hose (do they have feet too? or just stop at the ankle?)  as thick as can be, trying everything to get the darn things high enough to be comfortable...makes me laugh.   I know, I shouldn't laugh at your situation.  I'm sure it is much worse than my simple arm sleeve...which btw I rarely wear anymore.  I hope you don't need the stupid pantyhose much longer.

May NED come to live with you soon!  (Maybe he can help with the stupid pantyhose!)  Good to hear from you.  Come back again soon.




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Sorry,Linda,but the gloves are PINK!(HAHAHA) The lymphodema "MALE TIGHTS" do have feet in them but are open toed. I stopped taklng my water pills for a few days now(per doctors orders) and did not put on my "tights" today. My wife says that my thjgh seems to be getting a little bigger,though, and I may have to agree with her. SOOOOO, tomorrow I will start the water pills and put on my tights.

Laugh all you want to,Linda. I would LOVE for NED to show up at my door step. Maybe soon.


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Surviving!  Male tights with open toes -- now thats a great way to make money ..  Market that idea === 

Strength, Courage and HOPE for a Cure.

Vicki Sam

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