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Treatment Options for Stage 4 Endometrial Cancer?

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Apologies for being repetitive on the forum but I am desperately trying to gather any helpful information before my parents meet with my mom's oncologist (next week). My mom's endometrial cancer appears to have spread to her appendix and possibly liver, despite completing chemo (carb/taxol) and 28 sessions of external radiation. I know that her prognosis is very poor but I'm really hoping that she can have some short reprieve from this, if at all possible. I imagine that they'll discuss different chemo and/or hormone options - is there anything else that we should ask about?

For any of you with late stage cancer, what has been most effective in slowing the disease progression?

Many thanks for any suggestions. (I am actually a biologist and am comfortable reading the research/current literature, but I am somewhat stunned by the little amount of research that I'm finding on late stage endometrial cancer. I think that those of you who are also going through this are much more helpful, so thank you for that!)

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Wish I knew how to help you dear...I am early stage, but there are a number of people here that can help.  Try typing in Appendix cancer, even though it's not your moms primary, there is a lady that it was her primary that had a lot of different meds I have nenver heard of(can not remember her name)  Ro 10 is another one that has fought long and hard and is still going strong.  Anyway, just wanted to let you know we read the posts, but the right person just hasn' t logged  on yet.  Didn't want you to feel alone!  Best, Debrajo

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I was diagnosed with UPSC stage 3-C in 1/09.  I had the sandwich treatment if 3 Taxol/Carbo, followed ny 28 external radiation treatments and a 28 hour internal radiation treatment, followed by 3 more Taxol/Carbo treatments.  As soon as I went off chemo my CA 125 began to rise.  I was able to go for 18 months before the CAT scan showed changes in the lymph nodes.  My CA 125 went to 1500's.  I had 3 taxol/carbo treatments, and had to switch to cisplatin due to a severe reaction to carbo.  I had 4 more taxol/cisplatin treatments.  Again as soon as I went off chemo the CA 125 began to rise.  I was able to go only 7 months before the CAT scan showed changes in the lymph nodes.  By then my CA 125 was up to 3200.  I never have had any symptoms before diagnosis, or with the recurrences. 

Right now I am taking Aromasin which is an aromatase inhibitor.  My CA 125 began to rise again after I stopped chemo.  My CA 125 is 505 but my CAT scan is stable.  My onocologist says the CA 125 is just a number and does not treat until symptoms appear or the CAT scan shows changes.  It has been 9 months since my last chemo, so I will be able to go back on the taxol/cisplatin.  I tried Arimadix before starting my second chemo, but it did not help me. 

I also developed blood clots in both of my lungs.  Again, no symptoms.  So I have been on a blood thinner shot for over a year now.  It is called Enoxaparin.  I read that it some way slows down cancer growth, so I don't know if that is why my CA 125 is going up slower this time. 

My onocologist has has discussed other chemo options when the taxol/cisplatin no longer works for me, so there are other chemo drugs available.  I am fortunate that the cancer has remained in the lymph nodes and not gone to any organs yet.  I asked the doctor when I would become stage 4.......when the cancer went to the organs?  He said I would still be stage 3-C, but with metastasis. 

I hope you get a new plan for you Mother, and the new plan works for her.  In peace and caring.

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