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Ned Ned Hurray!

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Hi friends,

singing Hip Hip Hurray - or better NED NED Hurray!

Husband had his next check today (15 Months after surgery) and he is still NED. CEA at 0.7 and livercounts coming back into normal range finally. Next check in May...

Ah, and we had a great great time during our 5 weeks in northern India. It was wonderful and husband had no problems with health or food or other things. For those who like pictures... http://tinyurl.com/b8xyv53 ... but be warned... there are a lot of pictures...

A happy HUG from Germany


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Fantastic so happy for you and your husband I will look at your pictures

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Always something I like to read here on the message boards. 

Congratulation to your husband and of course to you. What a great feeling it must be. I can't wait to feel it myself. 

I'm also very happy to hear that you had such a wonderful holiday in India. 

May you both have continued blessings!

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Yay, yay! So happy to hear NED! May you have many more wonderful trips!
Sandy :)

Brenda Bricco
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Excellent news... keep it coming! Smile

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petra i am so so very happy to hear this news....perhaps one day we really could meet....in the south of France or perhaps we could make it ItalyLaughing.....well done you two.....sending love...


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How wonderful Laughing    Good to hear you had a wonderful trip too!!!!    

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We really should figure out a way and a place where to meet!! 

We jst started planning the next trip to france - but to La Réuinion this time (that's far down between Africa and Mauritius) :-)   But we will need 2 more NEDs before... 

Well, let's see, how things will move on.

A big hug


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Great news about NED.  And so glad you two had your wonderful 5 week (!) trip to India.  So envious.  It's nice how you're moving on with life. 

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To hear NED is always welcome here  Good luck, hope it(ned) lasts forever.

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Nice work. Congratulations!

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