filtering out tumor secreted exosomes to unmask cancer

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came across this intresting technology which is/was suppoed to be tested in filtering out tumor secreted exosomes from the blood. these exosomes supposedly play a big role in desensitizing the immune system.

the filter (  Hemopurifier ) is being used in india for HCV and pending approval from FDA

does anyone has more info on this?


In vitro studies have also documented that the Hemopurifier® captures exosomes underlying cancer, including colorectal, lymphoma, melanoma, ovarian, and breast cancer.  We have expanded our exosome research programs through a collaborative agreement with the Sarcoma Oncology Center (SOC), based in Santa Monica, California. The SOC collaboration is studying the ex vivo effectiveness of the Aethlon Hemopurifier® to remove immunosuppressive exosomes from the blood of advanced-stage cancer patients.  The study will evaluate 25 patients, five patients with metastatic cancer of the following types; non-small cell lung cancer, prostate cancer, melanoma, head and neck cancer, and sarcoma.  Exosomes released by cancers have emerged to become an important therapeutic target in cancer care, as they are implicated in cancer survival, growth, and metastasis.  Researchers have also identified that cancer-released exosomes assist tumors in evading the response of the immune system.


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    excellent question

    stopping immunosuppression, thats the holy grail I think, I will ask the doctors about this.

    if your interested, try email hcg in india, they are a pretty leading edge and affordable cancer hospital.

    they might know something about this.

    I wonder if the proteins they are talking about is nagalase.

    the immunotherapy stuff, which is injecting already activated and trained cells, i suspect bypasses the immunosuppressive role of these proteins.

    I wonder if my gcmaf probiotic yogurt, is bypassing this immunosuppressive role my activating my immune system.

    somethings causing it too work well.

    really interesting science, I don't watch tv, I come to csn 128 for all the best science and cancer stuff. keep on sharing and researching.



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    Interesting concept

    I went to the link for the news release and was disappointed to find there is no year specified along with the May date.

    After looking over various other announcements on the net it appears that the FDA approved export of the device to India, where all their studies were to occur.  There was some mention of them attempting to get studies started in the US for HCV patients and for breast cancer patients.  In any of the articles which mentioned studies, the number of participants was very low...10 in one, 25 in another.  In one it also stated that the blood would come from infected patients but not be returned to the patient after filtration which I imagine makes this easier to get approvals for.

    I was very disappointed not to have seen something actually having begun in the US.  Every article I read indicated they were planning to start, but none that I saw had or posted any results.

    It is an interesting concept, and hopefully will have future benifit no only in helping to remove immunosuppresents but also to reduce the number of patients who present with mets after initial treatments.  I also like the idea that it is believed to be able to work with currently conventional treatments, so the patient does not have to give up one to get the other.

    If anyone finds more current info on this please post a link.

    Marie who loves kitties