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CindySue how are you doing?

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    I was sitting here in the cold tundra thinking about you, and wondering if you took your trip

to Australia.  May the weather be warm and the scenery eventful.  Benjamin just finished another

MRI, still clean, doctor's are calling him boring.  I will take boring anytime.  He has been going

ice fishing at Lake of the Woods, catching some pretty great walleye's and enjoying his

friends.  He is scheduled to have his wisdom teeth taken out next week, I am worried a

little, since he has ITP and trouble coming out of anesthesia, but the whole procedure

should only take less than an hour.    Guess we never stop thinking about our

children, and treasure them more each day.   It is great being a grandmother, Lily

is now 6 months old and healthy.

     Prayers for you to maintain each day to the best of your abilities!



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Hi, Carol.

Thank you for thinkiing about me and writing. I am doing okay. Just trying to get through one day at a time. Some days are harder than others. No days are easy. 

I'm so glad to hear that Ben is doing so well. It's too bad that he has to have his wisdom teeth removed but in the overall scheme of things, not a big deal, I'm sure. Please tell him that I said hello!

Take care.

Love and blessings, always,


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Hello CindySue,

      Today is another storm day- snow is about 4 feet deep in our yard.  Thanks for responding, grief is the hardest part of life. We love so compassionately it's hard to let go.  Your bond with David was spectacular, and he is watching and guiding you from above, urging you on daily. 

The site seems bare since there are so many of those that were present when I started are no longer on.  Benjamin is still doing great, wisdom teeth turned out to not be big deal, just more worried on my part, he breezed through it.  It is great to see him making plans for the future. Ben has the greatest attitude in life.  I have finally started to calm down a little, moving more at a normal pace. Even taking on new projects, teaching crochet classes, and back to cake decorating for friends celebrations.  My husband and I are going on vacation next week  and getting excited.  Not really going to far, Winnipeg and then to visit grandbaby.  She has been a total delight, and love's her Uncle Ben.  The rest of us are chopped liver, she's at that 6 month stage, scared of everyone.

   Have a nice Easter Season, a time to rejoice!



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