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Need help please

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Hello everyone, I would appreciate any advise and help please.

Diagnosed with rectal cancer in February 2012 with solitary liver met. I had few lung nodules at that time, small on both sides.

Had rectal/liver resection in March followed by 12 Xelox with Avastin and 7 Xeloda and Avastin.

CT recently showed increase in size of lung nodules, still under 1cm. Saw thoracic surgeon who did thoracotomy on left side 

took 7 nodules out ,4 were malignant. I am already pretty much back to normal. I have nodules on the right side as well.

Question is what is best course of action now? Surgery on the right side, followed by chemo or chemo first. I will meet with both next week but would appreciate advises from anybody about your experiences. I physicially feel andlook great. Recovery from both surgeries was fast and I tolerated chemo well. Will probably go on xeliri next.

Thank you so much and I will participitate and help anyone any way I can from now on

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I've always favored doing chemo first, then surgery whenever possible. But often it depends on each individual and if there are any circumstances that would make it better to do surgery first, then chemo.

It is possible do have RFA's (Radio Frequency Ablation) done? They are not intrusuve and are effective...just another idea.

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Since my experience is quite different.  I just wanted to second Phil's welcome.  You've been through a lot and appear to be handling things quite well given all you've been through.  Hope others can offer advice.  Personally, I would go with my doctor's advice as I have throughout my journey.  

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Thank you! Just trying to figure it out next step:)

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my doctors have always preferred surgery then chemo. but i have not had lung mets only liver. dont know if this would help but just wanted to tell u. i see docs at one of the top 25 cancer hospitals in the us. get ya a second or even third opinion.

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Hi!, My rectal cancer was diagnosed March 1, 2012 but nothing was found in the organs, but positve in the lymph nodes and was found in the pelvic wall after surgery.  I had 7 weeks pre-surgery chemo/radiation, the big bad ugly radical APR and then I am just this week finishing 12 treatments 5FU, Leucovrin and Oxcilliplatin. Although we have not followed the same regime, we have certainly been on the same time frame.  Hoping the best for all of us!

Looking for someone that has had a radical APR withn permanent ostomy, rectal cancer, stage three + as of now.

Laura :)


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Saw oncologist , 4 out of 7 nodules on left side were malignant ( still small size) He wants surgery on the other side ASAP, as I am pretty back to normal after 2 weeks. Will see surgeon on Friday and hopefully he will agree. ( that was his initial plan) Oncologist will still prefer surgery overvcyber knife or rfa if possible. He said they have good results with both. Chemo after. I am worried if something can pop up in the mean time since off of chemo but I guess have to take risks. Hope surgeon will be on the same page again

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Surgery is considered the only curative option for cancer. Everything else is mostly to keep disease in check. If I had the option, surgery would be my first choice if appropriate.

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Saw thoracic surgeon yesterday, he will take out 5 nodules on the right side ( all smaller then 1 cm) in 10 days. Chemo after. It is amazing how different surgeons have different approaches. He did left side 2 weeks ago. I am sick and tired of cancer but it is what it is. Back to work on Monday till surgery.

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That is good news and a good course of action. My doctors have always done surgery first. Then chemo.

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