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Sue's last infusion! Add hugs here :)

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Tomorrow is Sue's (allmost60) last Rituxan infusion.  Two years (I think) of this and she's been a trooper through it all and a great support to us all!  So, sending a warm hug of congratulations and wishes that this is completely over for you Sue forever!  So "woohoo and party!" Wink.  Add your hugs here...

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You beat me to it. I was going to post about Sues last infusion later today. Hope all goes well. I am sure it will. John

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Way to go Sue.  Another milestone.  I'm praying for you.  You are an inspiration to all.  Love, Emily

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Hi John.  I'm glad to see you posting again :).  I didn't mean to jump the gun on you :).  I know our hearts are in the same place and I just happened to remember this morning and wanted to get something out there before I forgot (thank you chemo brain).

I hope you and yours are doing well.  How's that grandbaby?


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 You didn't jump the gun at all. I remember Sue posting a few weeks ago that her last infusion and scan were coming up. I wasn't really sure at first of what the date was . I kept thinking it was the 24th of Feb. at first. She has been here for everyone and I could never forget her last infusion,just couldn't be sure of the exact date(Chemo Brain). My grand daughter is doing fine. I haven't seen her since Thanksgiving, except for pictures. Hope you are doing well. John

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Thanks guys!

 You are all soooo sweet! I'm hoping my Onc will schedule my CTscan as soon as possible so I can completely put this cancer business behind me for awhile. I can't believe it's been almost 3 years since my diagnosis(June 16th 2010)...where the heck did the time go??!!! I'll let you know my scan date after my infusion tomorrow. Love you all...Sue

(P.S...Lizzy is here, so computer time is next to impossible)! Smile

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So happy for you and wishing you all the best plus a few special prayers for good measure. Love, Mary

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It seems like that phase of life is over and the rest can now continue. My last one was 12-31-2012 and I got a 'clean'  pet-scan on Jan 4, 2013. I'm sure yours will be just as good.    

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That is very good news.


P.S.  I have two more sets of Rituxan this year.

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Here is my HUG to you Sweet Sue!



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Maybe they can add a margarita to the infusion.  Doesn't hurt to ask!  Congrats, we're jealous. Bill and Becky

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You guys in Mexico now?  Send pics.  Hope you're having a wonderful time.  Regarding tequilla, DON"T EAT THE WORM Laughing.


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and a great video: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=525615210792991

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So happy for you Sue!


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Here we go !!! Sues off to see the Wizard. Thinking of Ya'. John

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Hi Jim and SUE,

Great minds think alike. I just logged in to post a message to Sue. I guess being on the west side makes me late to the party. Oh well,

Sue, I am sending you my love and most positive thoughts that tomorrow is a breeze and that when you get your scan, you will hear the magic words!

I'll be thinking about you tomorrow. Much love and all good blessings coming your way.

Huge hugs to you,


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Hey sue, nothing like the feeling of the last infusion! Look out fish here she comes. Be well my friend

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Hi Sue,


Such a great feeling to be done !!  Hope it stays that way forever!!  Here's to a clean scan!


Love ya,


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Hi Jim,

     No we haven't left yet.  Bill has his Rit on Mon and will drive to Reno from there, spend the nite and leave Tues.  Tickets are cheaper than from Sac.  Will try to send some pics.  I'm terrible at that stuff but Bill will help me.  My mouth is watering for a margarita tho.  Cheers, Becky

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Max Former Hodg...
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Congratulations Miss Sue !    Always a thoughtful, gentle spirit here.  May you not need rituxan ever again.  I do not know if it is a universal practice, but at my infusion center, when a patient finishes their last infusion, they ring a ship's bell, which is mounted near the  door.

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Adding my congratulations Sue!!! 


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