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MIA...but i am back!

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I've been away for a little while, things have been kind of hectic around here! Mom has recovered amazingly from her surgery and she's been through three chemo treatments with three more left. She's handling them so well! Barely any side effects, she has lost some of her hair but ended up cutting it really short herself. She has had a little bit of reaction to the injection the day after treatment but after each one she's handling it a little bit better. At her last appt her potassium and magnesium were a little low so her dr told her to take a supplement, and they've gotten better. We got some amazing news today, her CA125 levels are on the decline, at the start of chemo it was at 6000 (in jan) and now we're at 150! I am so proud of my mom to be handling all this the way she has she is such an inspiration to me and I hope I am being as strong for her as she is being.

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Thanks for reporting on the good progress of your mom!  Your mom sounds like a strong woman and you are a very caring and supportive daughter.  I hope she breezes through her last three treatments.  After my third treatment, I told myself that after the next one, only two more to go!

Take care,


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Glad your mom is responding to treatment...Val 

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Your Mom sounds like a very strong woman. I am glad you are there for her.

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