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chemo treatments

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So I have had 3 chemo treatments and so far no problems.  No nausea or vomiting or mouth sores or neuropathy.  I have had hair loss and have been taking baby steps and cutting my hair short.  I have plenty of scarfs and hats to wear and have found a great wig to wear.  The only problem I have really had is the injection of Neulasta that I have to get the day after my chemo.  But the reactions have been lessening with each shot.  And today when I went to get my injection I have found out my CA125 numbers have gone down from 6000 to 150 so aiming for the low numbers but they are getting there.

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The CA125 drop is amazing. I am very glad that you are tolerating chemo so well. Enjoy playing dress up with the wig, hats and scarves, it can be a lot of fun. And the hair will grow back. Mine has grown to the extent where I am not scaring small children anymore, but I still wear wigs, because they look so much better.

There is another post today (from "daughter2bestmom") that sounds strikingly similar to yours. Is it a coincidence or is she your daughter?

Very best wishes,


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After posting yesterday and saying how great I am doing.  I woke up to really bad knee pain hurts to walk.  Its from the injection of Neulasta.  The first one I had killed me I was in bed for 2 days with knee pain.  The second one wasnt as bad but for some reason this one is killing me again.  Yes Alexandra that is my daughter.  She is fantastic.  I also have a son

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Great news about your CA 125!  I remember how achy I felt in my legs for a couple of days after each Neulasta shot.  I was walking around like a really old lady but luckily I have a hubby who gave me terrific leg massages which helped a lot.  I know how traumatic it is for many women to lose their hair.  I was okay with it and in fact, I marveled at the fact that I have a very nicely shaped head, if I do say so myself.  My chemo was done during the winter months, so I needed a hat or scarf to keep my head warm.  My hair started growing back about five weeks after my last treatment, and I've kept it short ever since - much less work for me.

Keep us posted when you can!



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