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Pink Bus on Tuesday

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Ok, now I am a little nervous.  My markers doubled and my liver enzymes and alk phos are elevated.  Cardiologist NP just called to tell me to stop statin, but she wanted me also to know that alk phos is not usually elevated with statins.  I see my oncologist on Tuesday and, of course, Danny is out of town then.

Katherine is coming with me to oncologist, but I kind of hate to burden her right now so have very mixed feelings. 

You see she became engaged last night!  At least we have a wedding to plan to keep me distracted. Wink


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Congratulations on you soon becoming a mother-in-law. Of course I will be on the bus. I want to sit in the front this time. Last time it got too rowdy in the back. I hope all goes well for you.



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congratualtions on the engagement of your daughter. I will be on the pink bus and am wishing you a good doctor appointment.

New Flower
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Wedding sounds wonderful.

good luck with your appointments. how are your ribs?

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New Flower, I am so confused.  I am having intermittent pulling pain in the area of my right ribs.  I think this is maybe herpetic neuropathy from the previous shingles, but no rash.  Bone scan looks fabulous--yay!!  I am not having liver tenderness, loss of appetite, etc.

I have had more fatigue, but just got my thyroid normal again. 

Today I see both endocrinologist and cardiologist.  Unfortunately, I don't see my onc until Tuesday.   I am sure he will order PET.  Hopefully, I am worrying for nothing!  The fun part about cancer (not) is you really can't let your guard down when something is not normal...sigh.

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I will of course be with you on Tuesday.  I know we sure do hate to bother our kids.  I relunctantly asked my sons as I need them Friday and Wednesday.  One will be there for surgery and the other will take me to the Cancer Center which is 1 hour way from my home.  I can tell the world my troubles but my sons are the last to know and only if I feel they need to know.  Of course, they believe that old mom is invinciable.  There is a stronge urge to protect them even when their grown ups.

Congratulations on the great news from your daughter.   I am certain that planning a wedding is just the most wonderful of experiences a mother can have.  Your daughter will be ok.

I have had both.  My liver enzymes went to triple out of normal range and alk phos elevated enough for concerns but never had a real reason on why they went up.  We did scans and after several months, they settled back into normal range.  I could never figure out why and I don't believe my primary or oncologist did either.

Hoping it is the case for you.  No matter what stage breast cancer one can never let down their guard as this is a very sneaky, sly disease.  I hate it more and more each day.   I wish they would find the cause now so they can find a cure.  I would be happier with the cure.

Positive thoughts are sent to you and keep your mind on the wedding... sounds like fun.



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Doris, thank you so much for sharing your experience with liver enzymes.  I have been freaking out just a little and it is good to hear that it can be a fluke.  Have stopped statin for now. It was unbelievably kind of you to reassure me when you are gearing up to fight again!

And you are so right about the kids.  Kat always thinks I am invincible and I hate for her to have to think otherwise.  But I am happy that she has found someone!  And a wedding should be fun. 

I am glad your sons are taking you.  Make them take good care of you!  We need you here!!!


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My liver eenzymes went up Un November. 2 weeks ago the blood work came back better. I was nervous as that was thr first time they were off even though I have had tumors n my liver for almost 2 years. I was really relieved when the test showed still high but within the normal range.
Congratulations on the engagement! You will have fun planning a southern wedding.

Hugs and prayers,

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Double Whammy
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"They" seem to like to watch the liver enzymes, don't they?  Is that because bc likes to go to the liver?  So here's a positive thought. . . I was told that patients with mets typically  have symptoms before any blood work goes wonky, so wonky blood work by itself is not always reliable.  Yet, I know your mind goes there.  As Doris says, it doesn't really matter the stage, we don't let our guard down.  And neither do our docs, and that's why they check everything out.   I'm hoping this is one of those mysteries and levels go back to normal asap.  I do still want to be on that bus, tho. 

My, oh my, we certainly do protect our chilidren, don't we?  And that's why they think we're invincible, brave, or whatever.  Just had this conversation with another survivor yesterday.  Her husband called kids (adults) as soon as she got the dx.  She called him from car - he called kids!   She would never have done that.  We do crazy things when we get news like this. 

How wonderful that your daughter is getting married.  What a joy it will be to help plan the wedding.  I know you two are very close and she's probably honored to be with you at your appointment on Tuesday. 

Suzanne (who will, of course, sends hugs and prayers in addition to riding the bus)

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Keeping my fingers cross that it will all be something else.  You are very much in my thoughts today,



New Flower
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I would like to cheer you up. So blood test needs to be repeated in 4 weeks and hopefully will be in range. You know about ribs pain more than anybody else even when  bone mets  have been healing we are feeling them. Bone pain is listed on label for both Xgeva, Faslodex  

 Yes, we will go together and honestly talk to your oncologist. From my experience PET /CT is a must in situations when markers are up 



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for support too.  It made me smile to read about your daughter's engagement.  How sweet!  Try to relax between now and Tuesday.  Prayers coming your way.



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Count me in.  I'll bring some cosmos and margaritas.  Congratulations to your daughter.  I'm sorry to hear about your levels.  I hope all goes well on Tuesday.  I'll try not to make to much noise at the oncologist office.  I'm sure your daughter wants to be with you, and you can talk to her about the wedding on the way there.  Stay positive! 



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Gabe N Abby Mom
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Such happy news for Katherine!  You didn't say much about the groom...but what a joy for you and Katherine.  Another reason to stay close.

And yes, I'll be on the bus!  I don't want to wait too long to hear your news.  I hope it's good!  I'll bring some iced tea, for those of us who are tea totalers (sp?).



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I will definitly be there,Its hard not to worry and i want even tell you not to because you are human and in the medical feild,but with that said you know it can be nothing and its just something to keep you on your toes with the nerves. lol Im praying. and please let us know as soon as you know,~~MollyZ~~

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Jean 0609
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Congratulations to your daughter and soon to be son-in-law.  How exciting!  Keep us posted on the wedding plans.


Sending positive thoughts, prayers & Hugs your way from me and Isabella.





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anger, and frustration.  I hate that you are dealing with any of this, my love , thoughts and prayers are with you dear Friend.    Congratulations to Katherine and her beloved husband to - be.   You, and Danny must be over the moon with excitement . . . .

I will of course be there on Tuesday - driving our Pink Bus magically going around our country gathering our Sisters in PINK supporters.

May our Lord fill you with peace, and calmness.

Gentle hugs ----

Vicki Sam

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CC....so sorry for your worries!  Will be praying that all is just fine.  Congratulations to Katherine and families!  xoxoxoxo Lynn

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Bella Luna
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Congratulations on your daughter's engagement!  Wonderful news.  Hang in there.  We will be riding the Pink Bus with you.  You are in our thoughts and prayers.

Lynn Smith
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I'll be on the bus but also want to be up front. I don't want in back with the rowdy ones. Vicki has so many stops to make and she should be concentrating on her driving and who needs picked up.Of course Vicki is probably used to the rowday ones  by now but I worry she'll leave someone behind. 

Hope for the best results with your test. Sounds like Doris has been through it and it turned out OK for her.I Want the same for you.

Lynn Smith

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The term "Pink Bus" is foriegn to me but I'm quickly undersanding.  

First I would like to say congrats on the up coming wedding of your daughter, what a joyous time.  Have lots of fun making those future plans and building yet more family memories.

May all your tests go well and that things will balance out.  I pray for you and all cancer patiences.

Best of luck and lots of positive thoughts!

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I've been in FL visiting and barely made the bus, but I'm here, Cynthia!  Let it be a good Tuesday to share with us.  Hugs, Linda

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