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Anyone bothered by Teeth and gums problems after chemo

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my gums are all receding after chemo and my gums are very sensitive three years later. anyone else having these problems

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Chemo is known to cause bone loss and therefore dental issues for years after chemo.  Are you saying you haven't had chemo for 3 years?  If that's the case, you may need some support in turning the bone loss around.  There are natural options for keeping bones helathy, expecially helpful after chemo.  The prescription products all have negative side effects and actually make the bones more brittle. 

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I am still in chemo but I have very sensitive teeth now. Mainly with cold drinks and food. It even hurts to eat a green salad with veg from the fridge.


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In late 2008 I was diagnosed with stage 1 rectal cancer and went through 6 weeks of radiation and 6 weeks of chemo.......then 4 months later, I had an additional 5 months of Xeloda chemo.   My gums were always great but after all of the treatment, the gums receded so bad that I had problems eating certain foods and cold food really hurt.    I had to have one back tooth pulled last year and it never had a problem before.  I always had great teeth before! I finally saw a top dentist in Seattle a few weeks ago and he quoted me $6,700 for a dental implant......that was after $2,000  laser gum treatment I had 8 months ago that was supposed to help my gum problems.  Needless to say, I wasn't going to spend $6,700 on an implant if I really didn't know if it was necessary so I followed the advice of friends who go to Los Algadones, Mexico (across the border from Yuma) and saw Dr Isaias Iniguez.   He the only member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry in the area and I can see why.  His office is sterile and immaculate plus he's very gentle and so are his staff.  He did state of the art X-rays plus digital pics too.   I didn't need an implant at all.  Five crowns were in very bad shape because of the exposed roots and I made the decision to have 16 veneers done to cover the exposed gums.   I'm almost through and I'm delighted with the work.   I'm terrified of dental work but he's incredible and kept me pain free during treatment and although for a time after treatment, I hurt, the pain was manageable.  My teeth look so good and I was even able to eat some foods that used to hurt and I can honestly rince my mouth with cold water without pain!!!!    There are some pretty bad dentists there (read some of the trip advisor blogs) but this one never had a bad post and with the recommendation of 4 of my friends, I am delighted I made the trip to have this done.   Los Algadones is what I feel is safe and the office sends a driver to pick you up at the border crossing and takes you back.  There is a huge parking lot right at the  border and the crossing is simple.   The US Border Patrol is great and they are very polite.    I would be happy to talk with any of you going through the same pain.  I would recommend going before the snow birds if possible.   It's easy to get all of the appointments yiu neee.


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oops old thread!

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