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Platelet transfusion

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Had my transfusion yesterday,had a allergic reaction right before the fusion was about done.

My body is so full of bruises due to the Zevalin tratment i had, sure would like to know if all i have been thru is working,thought i would never say this but i cant wait for my next CAT scan, have to get my blood taken Monday, im running out of veins as my arms are all black and blue, i have to also give my self injections of Neupogen for the next few days to help the cell counts, will post more results next week.




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Hi Chris,

  I understand completely your feelings about getting the scan to put your mind at ease. Man, it's a catch 22 with the scans....the range of emotions that come with scans is all over the map! I can't wait to get mine done the first of March, but on the other hand I'm scared to get the results for fear of not hearing what I'm hoping to hear. Crazy...huh? I'm sorry about your problems with your veins...too bad you don't have a power port for blood draws, etc. I hope giving yourself the Neupogen shots is going well...don't know if I could give myself injections, but suppose I would if I HAD to. I'll keep you in my prayers Chris, and sending you good positive thoughts your way. Hang in there friend, and be sure to keep us informed. Love...Sue

(FNHL-grd2-stg3-typA-Dx 6/10-age62)


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Hi Chris,

I hope you get  good news with your next scan. I'm recovering from my recent RICE chemo, have  few bruises from the PICC line, but it sounds like you have more. Mostly I was fatigued the last few days, but think I may be starting to rebound. Then I go back for another RICE in a couple of weeks, and then on to the BMT in April.

Sending good thoughts your way!


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So sorry you are having a bit of trouble. I too will pray for good results for you. Hang in there and I'll watch for news.

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Hi Chris,  Hope you are doing well.  I understand about those bruises.  My mom's arms are a mess.  They had to close her port because of infection.  Good luck with your next scan.  I will be praying for you.

Love, Emily

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