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One of us back to work...

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Evening All,

Just wanted to say, I am not being rude, but just took on the work challenge again. I work from home so it's not a major change for Dan, however it's another 40-50 hours to toss into all the new jobs I have acquired the last few months. I am able to read more than I have participated, but know I am here.. and glad to hear the good news, and pray when I hear the bad news.

Dan is doing well, he's gained a total of 4 lbs on TPN, and I see him steadily creeping up on the scale. One worry is waning.

His mouth and throat keep playing havoc with him. So his eating is good for a few days, bad for a few days. Just hoping we see a bigger curve.. I know, I know, weeks not days.. but a girl can wish!  He also started taking his nausea meds down by a dose a day again, now only two of four doses and so far so good.

We are wondering if he should try that with the pain meds. He starts week 5 post tx tomorrow - and hoping it wouldn't hurt to decrease from 37.5 mcg's to 25 on his next change. I really dislike narcotics, and I think he'd feel better if not dragged down by the patches.

He's convinced he'll be teaching in April, although I would think he might have vocal issues. His yell at the dog now and then doesn't make it into the kitchen very loud. Are there any teachers here? who have battled this one? Are there tools to help in situations like this that would not be a deterent in a class room?

I still think he's looking at September, but I'll support what ever he can do, as long as he gets his booster shots and immunizations first.

Ok, off to get dinner on the table.. always running..



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great to hear progress for Dan. baby steps of progress work wonders, sadly never fast enough for everyone. so normal to hear two steps forward and two steps back. soon there will be four steps forward and one back. i know the attitude of getting back to work is perfect, always good to have a goal. 

keep the steps going forward!


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I am a Pre School teacher (4 yr olds) and my surgeon and speech therapist highly recommended that I wait at least 3 months before going back to work. There were a few reasons...... all the viruses that kids carry and to let my voice get a little stronger so that I didn't do permanent damage to my cords. There is still a ton of swelling in his throat and that can actually take up to a year to go all the way down. Anyway, when there is so much swelling we actually create a lot more tension than we need to and can cause bad habits and damage to our cords. My cancer was vocal cord cancer so I was very careful to follow those directions. I went back at the end of 4 months.
There is a device that is a headset and a speaker and it amplifies your voice. It looks much like a blue tooth. Many teachers use it and it really helps to save their voices. Some school districts will pay for it and some medical insurances will pay for it if the dr explains why you need it. If he must go back to work, you should look into getting one of those devices so that Dan can save his voice and not damage anything.
The best thing would be for him to wait until September to go back but I know that may not be what he wants to do.
Good luck and I'll pray that he continues to heal quickly.

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