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Positives and prayer request for my brother-in-law

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Hello dear friends,

My kid sister called with some scary news.  Her hubby had prostrate cancer 2 yrs. ago, and is doctoring w/the V.A.  His dx was linked w/his service in Nam.  Now he has probable mets to lungs, and had CT done.  Will know more this week.  He also has a massive blood clot in his lower leg.  They sent him home with coumidin pills, and heprin shots.  Why they didn't put him in the hospital is beyond me !  But knowing the wonderful team of warriors on site here, I'm needing you to please keep him in your prayers for a good outcome.  He is a terrific guy, and would give anyone the shirt off his back.  Thank you !   Katie   

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You can count on us to send good wishes, prayers, and good thoughts.

I have a 90 min MRI tonight.. nothing better to do than have a little talk with God...


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you got it, prayers going out!

veterians have been thru so much, his warrior experience is a huge help for him thru this battle. 


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sounds like a good man, prayers for him and yourself and family

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Thoughts and Prayers coming your way...

Best Always ~ John

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Only good thoughts and prayers headed your way. Please keep us posted and let your brother in law know he is being cared about by a huge group of supporters.

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Sending many warm thoughts and good vibes to your brother-in-law as his faces this ordeal. I understand VA care has improved greatly over the years, so hoping he is in good hands.



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Keep us posted Katie ...



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Done and will continue to do so!



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Hey Katie, I'm so sorry to hear about your brother-in-law's terriable turn of events.  I send all of the positive energy, well wishes, prayers, and hopes for a positive outcome to him.


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There's always enough prayers and positive thoughts to go around.


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and thoughts for good results coming your way

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Hello !

I received the call that Jay's CT ruled out any mets to the lungs.  As with the rest of dx's will continue to moniter, but thinking it's nothing to worry about.  There was actually 3 blood clots in the leg.  2 are what are deemed open, the other larger one is still clogged.  But it seems as if the blood thinners are working.  You folks are terrific !  Thank you for caring !   Katie  (Suzie and Jay say thank you !)

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Ingrid K
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Hi Katie

sounds like great news for Jay.  Tell him to keep up the good work !


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Prayers sent,please keep us informed

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Katie, so sorry to hear of this. Prayers and good mojo headed your way.


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