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Texasgirl10 update

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Dawne saw her oncologist today and will be starting Xeloda on Monday. She will take it daily for 2 weeks then off a week. If you of you are familiar with this please share any advice and wisdom you have. We all know each new step or drug comes with some fear. You are all so wonderful I know you will share anything you know or experiences you may have had with this drug. Thank you all. God Bless

                                                                             (((hugs))) Janice

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Hi Janice,

I don't have any information on Xeloda.  I was hoping that it might have been the drug I was to start.  Unfortunately for me, I already take Methotrexate for my uveitis and it's the only drug I can use.   The target therapies are forbidden with my mets.  I also take folic acid to offset the side effects of Methtorexate.  Folic acid is not compatible with Xeloda.  I am kind of damn if I do, damn if I don't.  My tumors are ER+ and have used hormonal therapy drugs for 18 years.  My tumors have suddenly become very clever and have learned to deactivate all the hormonal drugs.

After finishing my first and only chemo (CMF) back in March 1995, I will start next Wednesday taking Taxol.  I understand your sentence "we all know each new step or drug come sith some fear".  I do hope that Taxol will murder those new tumors and then go after the old ones in my left lung.  When it is finish on the left, it can start on the right and down the center,  in the sac and then the ribs.  I hope it will listen to my silent order.    I will be on this regime for 6 weeks, then with 2 weeks off until it fails.  I have a good plan for the next time too.Smile

I wish Dawn good luck on this next step.  I'm marching with her this time around, Cool  I'm out of practice but they say you never forget, like riding a bicycle. Surprised



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Thanks for updating us again!  Good luck to Dawne!

Hugs, Leeza

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Gabe N Abby Mom
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I took Xeloda.  In my case it was 3000mg am and 3000mg pm, two weeks on and one week off.   I took it orally, didn't have to go to the infusion room.  It was really easy on me, very mild nausea.  Sadly, it didn't work for me so we had to move on.  But again, it was really easy.  I did have some emotional issues around giving myself the drug, rather than having a nurse give it to me.  I got over that though.

I hope this helps you both!



New Flower
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Hi Janice and Dawne

i am on Xeloda and it has been working for me. I have creaged almost of tips and experiences. Please PM me your email or address I will be happy to share


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Christmas Girl
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My best wishes for our Texasgirl... Hoping Xeloda will be of maximum effectiveness for her.

Kind regards, Susan

P.S. to Olga - Same hope for you. And beginning today, for Chen.

Pink Rose
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Good luck to Dawne on the new chemo.  Praying it will be the answer for her.


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Thinking of Dawne and thanking you Janice for the updates.  Keep posting them for us please!

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Thank you first of all so much for updating us.  I will keep Dawne in my prayers and on our prayer list at church.



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