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Many of us have been asking about what hospitals, etc with best care per area.  Link below might shed some light.





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I checked the list and my hospital is not there. :(

The one listed is the one where I had my surgery. However, I do not think it is one of the best, especially in regard to servive.



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I tend to agree with you as theGOOD big hospital here in my area isn't on list either...sorta why I sent out hoping someone like yourself would see what I see.


Thanks for confirming,




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Sorry to disagree but the best oncology hospital including teaching hospitals weren't mentioned.  There are many websites out there to find a Good, Better or Best facility; this isn't one of them.  Top 50 would have included Duke in NC and NOT Rex.  MD Anderson in Texas wasn't in the picture but Hermann was.  Looks like an advertising ploy.

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I feel that the best hospital is the one that gives you the best treatment.  I personally went to the NCI recognized UT Southwestern Hospital and Cancer Center here in Dallas.  But since I have began this journey in 2011 I have met many others that went to other cancer center at different hospitals and they said their's was the best.  Who is to argue with that?  But for second opions most go to MD Anderson in Houston and I know some even went to the Mayo Clinic up north.  I have referred several people I know to UTSW and those that went seem to like it.  I know that my gyn doc was name one of the best in 2009 and that I and my family like her.  So far so good on surgery and treatment all good news so far. trish

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