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3rd week of Red

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Hello everyone,


weekend was great My husband had his first acupuncture therapy and he felt more saliva in his mouth all weekend log and he still have saliva in his mouth so that’s great the sad part is he already have mouth sores and it's hard to eat for him. We started aloe vera juice and l-glutamine powder (one spoon with juice) and it might be helping him little. I talk to his doctor about l-glutamine and he has no idea what is it for!!


My husband has little bit cold so I am not sure from what?


Any suggestions please!!





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that acupuncture has helped with his saliva production.....I might have to give that one a try.....no harm done if it doesn't work, and at least an idea in something to help.

As for the L-glutamine.....mixing it in juice might be a tad painful.  I mixed it in water, held it in my mouth on the sores, swished it around, then swallowed it so it'd get any of the sores that were in my throat. 

Chemo and rads mess with our thermostats......I was cold the whole time.  I even wore a lined sweatshirt all summer long!  That's pretty normal....just tell him to dress for how he feels and not for what the temperature is.....


Posts: 44
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Thank you so much... but I see now that I didn’t written correctly ...He has cold and no one is sick in the house!!

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