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My mom has a new question???

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What do you put in a J tube for feedings? 

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You put a special formula. We get ours from the dietician at our local cancer center. I'm sure there are numerous brands, but we use Osmolite.

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They set me up with a pump and IV type bags.  after surgery when I was only taking nutrition through my J Tube I woudl take 7 cartons of liquid formula (Isopur) a day.  My machine was set at 130 cc's per hour and I would start my feeding in the evening and it would last through the night while I slept.  That left my daytime pretty much free and not hooked up to the feeding machine.

My formula was vanilla flavored and I have no idea why because with the J tube you don't taste anything.  Only thing I could come up with is maybe people also drink the formula??  I used my J Tube ALOT to stay hydrated with water flushes Large Syringe) 6 or 7 times a day and I also would crush some medication and mix with water and put into the J Tube.

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