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Can you recommend a good wine?

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I've been looking to try some new wines and thought maybe some of you that drink wine, could recommend a name brand and type for me. 

I usually like a sweet wine, but, not exclusively.

Thanks, Jan

Pink Rose
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The site posted twice

Pink Rose
Posts: 493
Joined: Nov 2012

Ernest and Julio Gallo - white zinfandel.  It is sweet, but, not too sweet and it doesn't cost a fortune.  You can buy it anywhere, even the grocery store. 

Have you tried it?  Do you like a zinfandel?



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I reallyyyyyyyy love a Riesling!  It is fruity, fresh, and I think, sweet.  The brand is Starling Castle.  I don't know if it is available where you are, but, it is good. 

I think it goes with anything.  lol 



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Any kind of wine is a good wine!  hehe

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I think you all might consider reading Cypress Cynthia's post.  Though the proof is not 100% in my estimation, I do believe there is some truth to it.






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I also like white zinfandel and riesling for a wine.  I do enjoy a nice glass of a good wine.  Although in the summer, my beer tastes really, really good.  :)

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Now what was the question?  LOL 

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Kristin N
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Yes, the brand is Flip Flop.  :)  My hubby doesn't really drink wine, but, he even enjoys a glass of this occasionally.  I am a big Riesling fan, so, I am not real picky, but, a friend brought us a few bottles of this from Washington and I love it.


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