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I am Sorry to let you all know that Larry (Sportsman) passed away yesterday. Please keep his family and Wife in your prayers.

He was a wonderful Christian Man who put his faith in the God that he loved


God bless and be with them in this time of sorrow

Tim Hondo


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This hits so darn hard every time I hear of another passing of a fellow warrior.  Thank you for letting us know Hondo.  Sending beautiful thoughts of warmth and the promise of the next path Larry is now walking without pain, and freedom in love.  Condolences sent to his loved ones.   Katie

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Sad and difficult to hear. Prayers go out to his loved ones.

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D Lewis
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My condolences to his family.  I believe Sportsman was a member of my class. So sad when another one of us passes.


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This never stops hurting....

Tim, do you know if they did the Transoral Laser Micro Surgery he posted about not long ago...?



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Posts: 6643
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I am not sure all I know is when I last talked to Larry a few weeks ago all he said he was not doing too good and having a lot of problems. He was a very nice guy and a good Christian man with a lot of faith. I was hurt today when I got the e-mail from his Wife

Life is so dear and we should all cherish the time we have with our love ones every day. His battle is over but for many of us we will continue in the fight and we need to keep each other in prayer every day. 

I pray for his Wife and faimly      

Tim Hondo


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..for the loss of your friend and a fellow warrior.  Prayer whispered for the family.


Good to see a post from you Tim ...was wondering where you have been.



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So sad to read yet of another warrior loosing the battle...blessings to Larry on his next journey.

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I'm very sorry to hear about Larry's passing, please send my condoleces to his family from me.  


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He was just here a little while ago....maybe a month ago?  It seems like this happens in waves, in a way.....we go along....people are coming in, people are starting treatments....many of us are doing so well considering.....then we lose someone, or a couple someone's in a matter of a couple of days. 

RIP Larry.....


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Prayers sent out for all the Family

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jim and i
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Thanks Hondo for the info, even though it makes me sad. I am praying that God holds the fsmily close as yjy mourn their loss.


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Tim, so sad to hear we lost another family member. Prayers on the way from my family to Larry's. Tim, I hope things are well with you. 

Take care


Kent Cass
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Thanks to you, Tim, for letting us know, and sorrow for Larry's passing. Dang.

Hope you're doing okay, Tim. Forward in the Positive...


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