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i needed some good news today, this email came in just when i needed a boost, not to boast.

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my german cea fell from 23 to 4.1 in 10 days. the threshold is 5. 

so clear pet, mri, and normal cea and ca199

seeing germanies best alt oncologist today.

to save money for treatment i am sleeping in a 16 room dorm for 10 euro a night and 1000s worth of probiotic gcmaf yogurt and thymus is in the main bars fridge. this is not a holiday, treatment is my goal with fun onthe side.

i will never give, fighting for my life and those of my friends, especially those following my path.



starting a months intensive qigong in beautiful munich, you can exercise, qigong is free on utube, so is meditation.

these therapies need money, but before the therapies i prepared well. all that preparation is free in money terms, but not free in effort.

so many affordable alt therapies if you cannot access these german therapies.

when i raise money to fund one free spot for friend, you will be the first to know.



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Well done Pete, congratulations on your latest results, obviously everything you have utilsed has worked out for you.   Can you please tell me with your stage 4 DX, if you have or had liver or lung tumors?  Just wondering the extent of your original disease and your results to-date.

Thanks Pete and good luck with your NED.



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May God continue to bless u as u bless so many others.   CONGRATS!  No longer lost-at-sea ......  FOUND NEW LIFE,




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Wonderful News!

I am happy for you and intrigued about the alternative treatments.

Make a wonderful Monday.



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Great news Pete!

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good going pete...truely happy for you !

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Yay! NED i am so happy for you!



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Congrats!!  Got my oncologist at Northwestern to agree to sign the insurance documents, so that is one more thing out of the way.  May be seeing you in Germany in spring/summer....  Will you continue to take follow-up DC vaccines or Removab while NED, or are you going purely alternative/holistic?


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So happy for you that you have found NED. Now, you just hang on tight to that "fella" with both hands.



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So happy for you Pete. This is amazing. May you stay NED forever!


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Excellent news. Congrats! Keep up the good work.


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Simply fantastic news Pete!!!  Your enthusiasm and zest for life continue to be a bright light for me in my quest to meet the elusive NED Smile

Please continue to share your experiences and focus on healing, staying NED!  Smile

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Just about time for the fighter to take a break! Must have been a wondeful feeling. It is time perhaps to start your book two.


Wish you all the best-- nurture that NED with all you got

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You kind comments are what they are, so just thanks.

So my big detailed one hour consult tomorrow arvo with Ursula Jacobs the founder of hallwang is postponed.

I had a free 5 min hallways chat, we are friendly, so she said from her 7 year experience with removable and Vogel for stage 4 she sees 50% chemo free remission.. I asked her if my qigong etc etc etc was a factor, she said no., diet does not kill cancer cells in her opinion, but she said everything I am doing helps.

And never change a winning horse.

So tomorrow I am back to hallwang, the day after removab round 2, which willbe.

I have found healthy food here, Munich is really nice. So today I had a 2 hour Thai massage, it was so good I have another booked 10am tomorrow. This arvo I got some weights in, a funyoga class and a long sauna. In the sauna I meditate, my white bloodds cells love the warmth, they go searching for tumours cells for dinner. I know it's sounds strange, but that's what runs through the brain in the sauna.

I had at least 2 good sized Mets in my liver, a baby one in the lung and lots in the peritoneal. These therapies were my last best hope,, I pray they keep on working.

So, the extent of your removable response will depend on the level of exam expression, see the removable literature on my medical references on my blog.

Ursula mentioned my rgcc circulating tumour stem cell count is high, so removable is indicated. This is about as an aggressive therapy as we can do.

Straight after removable, will be Vogel, the next day vaccine for 10 days. This cycle of therapies will take about two months, subject to my body coping. Remember last time I almost died. I stress this, just so any friends thinking this ie a walk in the park, you pay some backs and get cured, well think again. It's dangerous, expensive and personally demanding if you seek to maximise your investment of money and time.

Winter, if you are reading this, this is why I came back to Germany. To get these test results, to come up with a STAYING NED PLAN, based on science and tests. I have had great results so far, but all know to well the persistent nature of our foe, every last cell has to go.

Anyone thinking of doing this, get your rgcc done, you will be amazed. Get it emailed to asir topic my most respected oncologist. Who has every chemo and every natural and unnatural therapy at his finger tips. That's what's made all the difference to my fate. I would do anything for that man, he really cares. His English sux, but his medicine in the colorectal world is unmatched. He was a gastroenterologist before he moved to oncology. His main strong point is bone marrow transplants for kids, it should come in handy undoing folfoxes destruction of my white blood cells. Lucky for me, whatever I have left is just enough.

I love you all in a can way, especially my critics, our illness never stops challenging us.

In that challenge is the seeds of personal growth, forgiveness is Devine.. I suggest none of us can carry a grudge for one day to the next. It's not worth souring a brand new day with pain from the past.

Everyday, I feel like I am playing for my life, its my job to care for me, my immune system, my soul etc etc. I feel very confident now, I can see the try line, I am running towards the try line. With God's help, which covers all y8ursula support, these great doctors, I will prevail and not fail.


Ps another exciting day, probably one of the biggest so far in terms of strategy.
I wish my wife were here, alas, going removab alone again.

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What is rgcc?



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Good Gawd, man, for that kind of money, they could have transplanted your head to a good body!



I’m seriously happy for you!


Loveya’, man…

(but you already know that)




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May the good news just keep coming!  AA

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So very happy to hear this! 



Brenda Bricco
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Congrats! How are you going to celebrate?

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Carpe Diem! Sounds like you gettting great care and in the process you are living your life. Keep up the good work...



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i must have got out of bed on the wrong side to be frustrated by your passion for tcm john, who cares, lets just have a cup of tea when we get together one day.

buster, i have ceased today, becuase tomorrow i do removab, i will be seriously out of action for days. but i am seriously looking forward to tagging all those tumour cells, my white bloods cells are going to have a field day. before removab i will do cea 7am, and then every morning 7am to demonstrate the tumour death spike. its should be so good to watch the results i hope. i wonder how low, a cea can go ? time will tell.

now my dear friend winter, and its strange that we are close, noone gave me more support than she did while i was on removab and sick and lonely. how ironic that we still hold completely different views on things but remain friends. i mention this so newbies don't get concerned about the differences of opinion and fact, whatever it is that we write.

so here goes the start of world war 4. note i launch the first preemptive missle strike and go and hide in the removab bunker. when i come back to life, i will survey the damage.

now winter said this in nother post, its largely about me so i figured its better to discuss my answers and reactions to winters points in one of my threads, rather than side tracking AA wonderful post. now i am trying to follow your rules.

You just have to call a duck a duck. ok you are an old duck  For instance Pete claims this and that cure never said cure, if i did i retract it unreseredly, at best a set of therapies thats better then present chemo, after 5 years i will use the word cure, anything before thats premature., no one is sure which is the correct cure that he claims to have cured him.  In the end I'd say it was the CHEMO he did in Germany wrong, i had a massive cea spike straight after removab only, but the local chemo also was essential in tuning my immune response and Australia last chemo in aust was folfox 18 months earlier, it did not prevent the recurrence but it may have slowed it down, it also gave me persistent low white blood counts and heavy metal poisoning -platinum, not the numorous and often unbelieveable stuff that he put his poor body through. all my therapies left me stronger and healthier day by day, eating raw seacumbers is not toxic like folfox, ok it tastes disgusting but its better than dog poop.


And when people come on here just touting their supplements and their often expensive supplements, then they need called out as to the unbelievability of their claims.  And their are some mighty fine unbelievable claims, some purple juice of some sort being one of them that was touted to a newbie. i agree all touting is wrong, sharing what you did and the benefits is fine. the sharing should not be criticised unkindly, that said its healthy for winter to voice her opinions, they are always thought provoking, which is healthy. everyones comments are open to polite discussion. if someone objects or disagrees, its not doing them any favours to bottle up there views, as AA said, we are all adults here.

Sometimes people are plain scared and vunerable and gullible, and if others want to tip toe around unbelieveable claims in order to be nice, sweet and whatever, that's up to you, but since the death of LISA42, whom was eventually convinced that she failed to live past the cancer because she didn't start doing those crazy supplements first, that it was her fault.  I will always feel anger at the people that convinced her to go for the supplements and attempts to convince her juicing alone was going to cure her.  She didn't have the money for it, she had guilt because she purchased an expensive juicer.  She said something to the point of she had these expensive supplements and she worried about what she was taking away from her family.  She wanted a dang piece of cake, but others here had convinced her it was wrong, how dare they!!  That whole thing hurt, it hurt bad. winter please just enjoy your cake, have my piece as well, a gluten and sugar loaded treat will supress the immune response and feed your tumour if you are tktl1 > 138 gluten sensitive.

So when someone comes on and claims his liver was healed by a supplement alone and etc., I'm going to call it as I see it.  I'm not going to tip toe around the issue in case I hurt their feelings.  Far better to hurt their feelings then have them hurt others on this board with bogus claims. my liver tumours and all the others was healed with removab, targeted chemo and prayers.now hepa mertz, milk thistle, mushrooms also helped, the only bogus claims are coming from you, at least all of my posts cite scientific articles, they are not just opinion., alot of what i share was given to me by doctors.

i dont think you are permitted to deliberately hurt other peoples feelings, any such replies that are hurtful, should and will be flagged from this point on, so please be polite or the offending reply will be removed, by all means make your point, but do it nicely or not at all. and if you are discussing me and my therapies elsewhere please pm me as a courtesy. its not your fault you have misunderstood what i have done and when, thats what my blog is for.

the best doctors in germny cannot explain my success except to say its the synergy of all these therapies, your opinion that its chemo will is naive in the extreme about the methods of operation. please refer to the german medical report in my media release blog entry, it explains precisly what and when was done to me.

thats enough for now, chat to you all in a few more days. the benefit of writing this, was personally for me to remember o do cea at 7am everyday to chart precisley the effect of removab.

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Keep Boasting about your health Boost, so you can boat!  (OK I am a clown.)


Best Always, mike

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I just read this today, lovely rebuttal, the only thing is I WASN'T TALKING ABOUT YOU! You never claimed a single supplement saved your liver as another on here did.  You've done a lot of crazy things, but that wasn't one of them.  So sorry you had to write this long angry piece rebutting what I said under the mistaken idea I was talking about you.  Next time ask me first.

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i will ask first, good point. it may have been a touch angry, you know the good thing is i got some frustration out, and its much better out than in.

i agree i have done lots of crazy things, so did my ideal edison. its freezing cold and my therapy has been a big fizz today, alas. one step forwards, one step backwards.

at least i am in the same spot. I hope you have a lovely weekend.



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Pete this is great!!! congrats on being ned. i am still praying for you.



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Wow..I am so happy for you..Pete..You inspire me and have for long time..you are a testement to brains and bravery and I for one really am digging it...congrats and ned forever..sean(flyguide)


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thats very kind, i appreciate the support. I really do.

possibly its my gratitude for all the support thats kind of turning me into a radical campaigner in some ways.

its some kind of survivors guilt thing, which i will work through, day by day.

it sounds so basic, but i am really really mortal, i think we all are, we only got the present moment for certain, I wish all my friends sincere happiness even if we believe in

different therapies. whats not negotiable for me personally is love and kindness. often our most heated disputes arise out of that very love and kindness. 

I find that particularly ironic, it helps me accept our differences when I believe in the positive motives of my critics.



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Thinking about you Pete as I know you have some tough days ahead of you.  Warmth (can you feel the tropical breeze?) and prayers coming your way.




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its saturday night 5.30pm, i am having a quick early dinner and off to the pool sauna complex for another sauna and hot stone massage.

i appreciate the prayers and can feel the warmth. we are never alone. i have my family and my god, and myself  thats enough.



ps if you feel a nice cool breeze, it might be one of my prayers.

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