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Stage 4 that passed to the liver

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my husband is 29yrs young and was diagnosed with stage 4 rectal cancer that went to his liver in 2 spots. Can anyone tell me if this is curable???? Please help i need answers so bad all this research says no but then i see people who are completely cured of it I need hope i need to know things can get better

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If you have some time, click on the “my csn space” link on the left side of your screen. You can put information in there, that will allow people here to see what cancer is being dealt with, what surgery has taken place, chemo, radiation, etc etc.


It makes it easier for those wanting to help, to help you when the information is right there! (Try clicking on other’s names and it’ll take you to their own “profile page”).


Usually with rectal cancer, the most sound way to fight it, is to have the surgeon remove it all. It will require an Ostomy, but having one is no big deal.


You can find out more about an Ostomy here: https://www.ostomy.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=2&sid=37e80e5910f9494f2d1468b43bc69219


There are cancer patients there (with an Ostomy), that had rectal cancer, etc., and who remain alive in good shape, long-term!


Cancer may or may not be “curable”, but those of us in remission are happy enough with that. It’s a rough road for any cancer victim, but you have to keep looking ahead and not allow fear to guide you through the maze.


The liver can rejuvenate itself; it can grow pieces back after surgery, and there are many other new surgical procedures that can be used successfully.


You should take the time to get other opinions from colorectal surgeons that are not of the same group or organization, as soon as you can. Being licensed or having written great reports to Journals do not make a physician good. You can ask “senior” nurses who they think is a good colorectal surgeon; most nurses have worked with various surgeon’s patients and see what others do not. But it’s very important to get those other opinions!


Fill in that “profile” page here when you have a chance? It’ll save you the trouble of having to explain everything to anyone that asks about the situation.


My best wishes to you both,




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I'm sorry to hear of your husband's diagnosis. While the journey is long, this is not to say that with proper treatment, surgery, or procedures, that your husband won't fare well. It's not a quick fix. It will get a little easier as you begin to know the treatment plan.
The main thing is that you have good doctors. How do you know? I ask around.....a lot. I try to talk to other patients who have the same diagnosis, close to the same situation.
Come here with any questions. You will have many. You learn from what others have learned or experienced. Doctors don't get into details too much.
Talk to nurses, too.
Wishing you both the best!!!

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Two-Stage Resection and Improved Chemotherapy Regimens Lengthen Survival for Patients with Liver Metastases from Colorectal Cancer


Arch Surg -- Abstract: Solitary Colorectal Liver Metastasis: Resection Determines Outcome, May 2006, Aloia et al. 141 (5): 460


There's a guy on a new CRC News and Chat forum that had over 50 liver tumors about 8 or 9 years ago.  He's still working full time as a world reknowned PHD Chemist.  SamT is his username.


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Hi Patch,

Can u pl post a link to the new site that you talk about


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Sorry you are here but hope you find it helpful. I was 31 whendiagnosed with stage three rectal cancer and have had recurrence since but still here just having passed my fortieth. You need a plan forward and it will depend on the site and size of tumours ESP in the liver. If the docs think there's any chance at all of a good outcome they will hopefully throw everything t you as being young does improve aspects of outcome. Rhere may bchemo and radiotherapy to target the rectal mass prior to op and john23 is right to mention a soma but it may not be necessary or it may be reversible depending onhowHagar the cancer is from the outside (higher up the better as more likely to preserve the sphincters). Postop chemo is likely. The liver mets have a wide range of options from chemo, ops, radio frequency ablation etc which others here know more about (my liverhasnever been involved).

Nayway, there armanual here after years with stage four cancer and some have no evidence of disease (ned) which if it goes on long enough may equate to what you mean by cure (asometimes contro ersial word here!) if you have specific questions please ask and spend this time adjusting to the news, developing your knowledge and supporting your husband,



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the cancer is too involved in the liver not sure what they mean but all they said was resection was not possible so they are going with chemo to shrink the cancer when we asked if resection would be possible when the chemo is done they said unlikely but anythings possible. I guess they cant give straight answers yet because they just know anythting for sure until he starts chemo so were praying that works. He doesnt need Colostomy because hes not blocked they said hes in excellent health besides haveing the cancer.

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I first had colon cancer in 2008,did the treatments,radiation,then surgery,and was ok untill 2011 when it came back in my liver.I did chemo,then surgery,and now I am all clear agian[NED]..I hope this helps.I can still do everything I did before.Good luck.

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I first had colon cancer in 2008,did the treatments,radiation,then surgery,and was ok untill 2011 when it came back in my liver.I did chemo,then surgery,and now I am all clear agian[NED]..I hope this helps.I can still do everything I did before.Good luck.Don't pay any attention to any stats,everyone is different.If you don't like what the doctor says,then see another one.A friend of mine was told he had only 3 months,that was 12 years ago and he is still doing good.

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So sorry to hear but stay positive, laugh as much as possible (I recorded old episodes of Frazier and the Golden Girls) and take care of yourself, as well.  Mine was diagnosed as stage 3 (not in an organ yet but in lymph nodes and pelvic wall)  very low in the rectum, so permanent ostomy, so cannot give you any specific help, other than what I have.  Now if you get into permanent ostomy/ APR, I can talk to you.  Post-surgery chemo, I can talk to you.  

My best wishes and strongest prayers, 


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