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Any recovering addicts post cancer treatment

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Is there anyone on here that has been a recovering drug addict and than gone through cancer treatment?  Jeff has been on the roxinol and fentenol patch. He is having trouble coming off. His thoughts are tending to wonder. He is thinking of going on methadone. Has anyone been through this?


Kent Cass
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Sue- this is perhaps a touchy subject, but also one which should be put out there for discussion. Cannot remember the term "addiction" being mentioned before.

My Onco started me on Morph at the start of week #2, to take care of what Hydrocodone could not. And it most definitely was a Positive in getting me thru it all. Stuff kinda scared me, and only used in weeks 2,3,5 and 6 of the 8-weeks my tx lasted. Thing is, week #6 I was getting the stuff put into me every couple hours via my Port while in the Hospital, but weened myself off of it over the last 24-hours. And, yes, I was very wary of using so much that withdrawal would be an issue, which is was not. Still used Hydrocodone, and I figured that eliminated any issues with stopping the Morph.

I've heard many times that getting off the patch is kinda rough, and Jeff's Drs should be well aware of that.  I had a Cousin who kept getting his patch doseage increased, and was taking Oxy at the same time. He didn't make it, unfortunately, but I remember hearing about all that he was taking and couldn't see how he could avoid being addicted to the stuff for as long and as much as he was on it. 

Thing is, Sue, and everyone- the #1 issue with all of us is getting rid of the C and making it thru tx in an acceptable way. Such as the topic of this thread is a secondary issue, though it may be a major matter with some patients. 


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Like Kent said;

"Thing is, Sue, and everyone- the #1 issue with all of us is getting rid of the C and making it thru tx in an acceptable way. Such as the topic of this thread is a secondary issue, though it may be a major matter with some patients. "

I was using anything from liquid or pill/capsul form of Hydrocodon, oxicotin, even liquid morphine (roxanal)...

In most cases addiciton is usually not a problem when using the meds for pain and as prescribed.

I'm sure for someone that has had problems in the past this could potentially be a problem, again..killing the cancer first, dealing with the addiction after the fact.

I can only offer communicatiing with the MD's, addiciton counceling/treatment, and what ever is needed after the fact.

Sorry you guys have to go through this additional hardship.


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Hello Sue,

I do know of folks that are addicted to prescription meds....and they never had a cancer dx.  I will always advocate for cancer patients to be able to control physical pain....it sucks !  But saying this Sue, most clinics that deal with long term use of these do have a pain management program you can work with.  Please if your man is willing check into this.  Will be sending positives for you all !   Katie

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anything here about my own sobriety....I mean I've mentioned it in passing, but never made it "the subject". 

Sassy, your man has 13 years of being clean....you say his mind is "wondering"....I thought, "is that wonder or wandering?" 

Let me say this....I think if we took a poll here, of folks and their pain meds....not one has thought of turning to methadone while getting off their opiate pain killers.  That is the thinking of an addict.  Tho methadone is a pain killer in it's own right, it's main function in the world today is to "help" addicts kick heroin....most stay on it for as long as they can.  When they can no longer obtain it from clinics, a huge majority either go back to herion, or buy methadone on the street.

If I were him, I'd be SUPER up front with the Dr.'s about what I'm thinking....they may be able to ease him off the drugs, without resorting to methadone.


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Ingrid K
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DITTO to everything Phrannie says above.

I never had any addiction issues (well, just to tobacco), but I remember my docs telling me that cancer pain is way way different than any other pain there is.....so the opiates certainly have a place in our treatment.

The docs/medical team need to know everything about his past history..so they can help him come off the meds without resorting to meth. 

As Phrannie says, that's an addict talking when he brings that up.  Don't let him go down that road...it is an excuse.

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I was suffering for years after going through treatments for my breast cancer.  I got side affects from all drugs and all treatments so was a pain riddled mess.  Many problems I have learned to live with but I was on Methadone for years.  It was suggested at that time as a drug they knew so much about and did wonders for addressing pain issues because of nerve damage and other physical things.

I too got some side affects but managed to stay on it for about 4.5 years.  No matter the narcotic one is addicted to it and must slowing come off it including methadone.  My pain specialist traveled the world studying pain and she highly recommended methadone as being a drug they are going to more often for pain. 

I just believed that in this day and age one should not have to suffer and I deserved quality to my health

Hope this is some help for you, Tara

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