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Is This Normal??

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Over the last few months since all these symptoms have started, it seems like i get more and more worn out everyday. i havent had any treatment yet but dont remember this happening with the cancer last time. Is this weak and tiredness and just physically drained normal?

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When we suffer emotionally, our entire body suffers.


Have faith that things will eventually improve; that this is just another hurdle to jump over.


We’ve all been there; done that.


Best wishes to you,



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Our bodies are always fighting this crazy cancer which makes us tired.  I'm always pretty tired but over time I guess we sort of learn to cope to the best of our abilities to deal with it.  Pray you get more energy soon.  Jeff

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Posts: 122
Joined: Jan 2013

i can do nothing all day and be soo worn out. its driving me nuts!

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I think it is important to talk to your doctors about your symptoms. As cancer patients we need to try and be very attentive to what our bodies are telling us.

And I believe that good rest and activity are both key to healing.

God Bless you!


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