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Stumbled across this article and wondered if anyone has heard of turmeric being beneficial as an adjunct to cisplatin? 

Link:  http://oralcancernews.org/wp/turmeric-makes-chemo-more-effective/?pfstyle=wp

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D Lewis
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These are great articles and well worth following up, thank you both, fascinating.

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We've been using it for about a year, figure it can't hurt.  If you like Indian food, it is a spice used in curry.

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Pam M
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I do recall reading that you need to take a pinch of black pepper and some oil with it.  I tried it a couple times - trust me, it's intense. 

Still, I often say I'm going to start eating more foods with it.  I used to love chicken curry (homemade - argh! - now I've got a craving, and it takes a while to make, and I have no chicken, and no one at my house will eat it with me . . . . . )  Anyhoo - tasty stuff - serve it with peanuts, raisins, chopped boiled egg.

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