Erbitux Acne going away almost as quick as it came on

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I went in for treatment 2 on Thursday, 2/14. The doctor took one look at the rash and was concerned about an infection. He withheld the Erbitux for this treatment. He also prescribed another antibiotic and clarified that I need to wash with soap a couple times per day. Let the skin dry for a bit. Then apply the Triamcinolane Acetone Cream (thin layer on rash). Then Eucerin for more moisturizing on rash and all over.

The two antibiotics he has me on are Doxcycline and Ciprofloxacin.

And since Thursday we've noticed a huge and fast improvement.

Check out my latest blog post for a Thu vs Today pic.


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Love to you all tonight.



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    Wow, that's a dramatic
    Wow, that's a dramatic improvement. Others who are experiencing the same rash must feel encouraged to know it can turn around so quickly.
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    Glad you got on the Doxcycline, I had to get off of it due to an allergic reaction to it, dang it.

    I am on the Cephalexin now, but it doesn't seem to be helping much, hopefully in a few more days.

    Winter Marie