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Bone Cancer ?

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Hi, I'm new to this site. Happened to come acrossed it as I was looking for anwers. I had or still have breast cancer. Dx 3 years ago. In the last 3 1/2 months I have lost over 35 pounds,now started getting nausea, very tried and my legs hurt sooo bad. It started about 2 monthe ago in my left foot and ankle. Hurt when I walked on it,actually it hurt all the time. Went to ER was told I had tendonitis, then was told I had gout. Xrays showed nothing. Then it started going up my leg to my knee. Pain is constant,sharp,stabbing. Then about a month ago it has gone into the other foot and leg. The left leg is worse. The bone itself feels like it is hurting. I now can not hardly walk,fatique is awful. My family Doctor has ran some test that could make you tried etc but they have all come back normal. I am really getting concerned that mybe it's bone cancer but not sure of what to look for as far as signs and symptoms. I am going to take my own advice. I do have an appointment with my oncoligist. But I need to know what to expect. Like ,yes be prepared for possably cancer etc... I am not afraid. I just want some idea before I walk in the office. Anyone out there that had or has the same symptoms and know what they have been dx with? PLEASE !!!

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You don't tell us if you're taking any aromatase inhibitors.

I'm two and one half years after a breast cancer DX.  I've been taking Arimidex for a couple of years.  A year ago, I started getting left leg pains.  In my hip, in my thigh, sometimes down the leg, sometimes the bottom of my foot.   Lots of physical therapy.   Didn't improve.   Then to a pain management doctor, who ordered expensive tests and shot a block into the nerve.  Didn't improved.  He thn ordered 2 MRI's.   It showed that I have a hernated disc in my lower back, touching the nerve root, which has caused the pain.    I suspect you have something similar, but don't take what I say as your diagnosis.   I've been taking pain meds 3 times a day, Tylenol, Ibuprophen, and then moved to a prescription opioid like drug, Tramadol.  I've been told I'll have the pain the rest of my life by the pain management/osteopath doctor.

I had heard/read of women with side affects of Arimidex, but I had tried to stick to it.   Then, 3 weeks, ago, in total frustration of my hip/leg/various pain, making me loose work hours because I can't sit comfortably, I quit the Arimidex.  And for unknown reasons, I started drinking orange juice daily.   Later, I found someone on the net who claimed vitamin C will help cure hernated discs.

It's been amazing, pain is leaving.  I haven't had pain meds for 4 days, before that, I was getting down to once a day.    I'm beginning to think the Arimidex was the cause.   I will be discussing this with my oncologist. 

(And yes, ideas of 'bone caner' run through my mind as well.   You just can't escape these sorts of thoughts)

I wish you the best!





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Thank You for answering my posting. No I'm not taking a aromatose inhibitor. I was taking Femara. Took it for 2 years. I had all kinds of problems with it. My whole body would hurt. Felt like I was 90 instead of 55. I stopped it on my own and have not told my oncoligist. I stopped about 1 year ago. I was really starting to feel good, like my old self again. Then all of this started. So I know it's still not side effects from the Femara. I am so scared that I did this because I stopped the med.I know it was stupid to stop the med on my own but I was so sick of all the side effects they caused. I had no quality of life. Left like life was not worth it. Yes, I'm on anti depressants. And they are really helping. I could do the things I used to do then BAM< all of this started. I have now lost a total of over 40 # over the last 3 months. Did I do this to myself? Did I possible cause the cancer to spread ? I'm scared to tell any one.

Good luck to you. You will be in my prayers

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