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"Rare Event": the Definition

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I have often posted that I thought a "rare event" would be being hit by falling space junk. Then today, 1000 Russians are injured by falling space debris. Not so rare, I guess.

So I guess that "rare" is an event that happens to someone else. If it happens to you, it is not rare. How about that for a good definition?

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Hello !

That was something hunh ?  Wow !  You are so dead on with what RARE entails.  We sometimes forget life is more than our battle with cancer.  Now I'll be looking to the skies with more wonder and amazement.  Does anyone remember Chicken Little ?  Prayers sent out to anyone effected by this.  Katie

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I thought it (all) was supposed to miss?  I wonder what the scientists really knew.  Maybe not rare to some more of a wager where it would hit.  I think I would prefer the “heads up” notice if there is a choice.  Then it would be a gamble.


Pretty good pictures, videos and sound of the event and yes, prayers for the unfortunate.



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Supposedly the asteroid that passed and the meteorite that fell were conincidental to each other..., though it does make you wonder. Also as for rare event..., it only has a frequency (where general population is hurt), of around every 2, 000 years...

I know Matt like stats, LOL...


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with the power of Mother Nature (for the 3 millionth time)....Even at the risk of being hurt, I would have loved to have seen it....scary for sure, but a once in a lifetime shot at seeing something like this.  When Mt. Saint Helen's blew her top, everybody was heading home, and some were scared....I went to the sand dunes so I could see it come in.  So I'm weird like this I guess. Laughing

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