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trach out

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Joined: Apr 2012

Haven't been on here  for awhile, wanted to let everyone know that I got my trach out 2-13-13 after 2 years from my Laryngeal cancer, best ever Valentines present, I am blessed and thankful. bjw1955

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I was wondering what all the screaming of joy was coming out of West Virginia.  LOL

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Posts: 67
Joined: Apr 2012

That's right a whole of screaming from Wv, no just very joyful, I have to limit my talking for a short while, have to press my fingers over the stoma,when I talk  but thats ok, just very thankful, have a great week-end. bjw1955

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I am very happy for you. I know that when mine was taken out, I felt as though I was another step closer to getting back to feeling normal or at least to our New Normal......

My Best to You and Everyone Here

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Congrats on your new self!  I only had the "tube"....and removal of that was wonderful.  The removal of a trache has to have that beat by a 1000 times!!


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I had one 2 weeks in the hospital following my surgery, having it out to go home was a thrill, I can only imagine how good it must feel after having had one for 2 years. Congrats!

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So good to hear BJW. I have a trach and have had 4 weeks of radiation with a lot of chemo ahead. Your success has given me a lot of hope, thank you and again, so good to hear you losing the trach.

My Radiation Doc. wanted to take out my Larynx but the chemo Doc said I have a chance without removing the Larynx. Even if I won't be able to speak at least I won't have that piece of plastic hanging out my neck, that alone would be great.

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Posts: 67
Joined: Apr 2012

Sir, I've been where you are at,if I can be of any help to you, let me know,keep a postive attitude and never give up hope, God bless bjw1955

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