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Involvement with Appendix?

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Has anyone had issues involving the appendix, post-treatment? My mom was diagnosed about a year ago with Stage IIIc uterine cancer. She completed 6 rounds of chemo and 28 external radiation treatments, finishing her treatment around Thanksgiving 2012. Since then, she's been dealing with a variety of issues, including lingering diahrrea and fatigue, although those have been getting better with time. She's also been dealing with an on-and-off pain in her side/back and has gone to see several different doctors in the past month, none of whom have identified the problem.

Yesterday, she went to the ER because the pain had become much sharper. A CT scan revealed something around her appendix, but no one seems to be able to identify what it is. She's now scheduled to have surgery this evening so that they can insert a camera and try to get a better look.

Has anyone had this type of thing before? I know that it's premature to try to 'guess' what the problem is but i'm concerned what it might mean and I'm not finding anything very helpful online.



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During my staging surgery, they removed my appendix and my omentum as a precaution.    I was diagnosed with Grade 2 Stage 3a endometrial cancer

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