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Brain mets or just brain dead?

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I caught the stomach flu bug and spent yesterday night on the toilet holding a bucket. Too much information, sorry. It was not fun at all. I lost 8 lbs of water in 1 night, honestly. Slept most of the morning and in the afternoon decided to go downstairs into the kitchen and make some tea. I am home alone during the day.

Either from dehydration or from the meds I am still taking after surgery, while I was making tea I felt faint. Everything went dark, knees got weak, hands were seizing. I did not want to loose consciousness and fall on the tile floor, so I decided to run to the living room (about 20 ft away) and land on the couch. I guess I was leaning forward and accelerating as I ran, Red Bull-like. Well I miscalculated the angle and the wall stopped me. I came to sitting on the floor. I can proudly say that my forehead is stronger than my drywall. Only a few scratches and some paint chips stuck in my face. Nothing "Covergirl" wouldn't hide. The wall was not so lucky - a gaping round hole 8" in diameter. If there was a stud behind the drywall, I would be now googling "how to remove brain matter from hardwood floor".

My mom told me to get a brain scan and ECG. My husband told me to find a handyman and get the effin' wall fixed. It sounds like a good plan to me. Does not even have to be handy...


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I am glad you are ok but the visual is hilarious.  Leave it to hubby to be practical, huh?

Think about getting your electrolytes checked.  When my potassium was low I was extremely light-headed and hands and feet seized.  Magnesium was low as well and others I can't remember.  I fainted in my bedroom while lowering my shade and woke up facing the wall.  I didn't know where I was at until I realized I was looking at the wall.  I was bleeding and yelled for my son.  The cut was superficial.  Two days later on my way to to see my onc, I began having trouble speaking and thought I was having a stroke.  I told my son to take me to the ER.  They quickly determined it was low potassium.  I spent 5 days in the hospital.

I hope you feel better.



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I'm glad you're okay too because I'm laughing like crazy right now.  I think it's the idea of trying to race to the living room to land on the couch that did it!  I never underestimate the importance of a sense of humor and laughter to make one feel better.  Thanks for making my evening!


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