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Has anyone ever got infections two years out of treament for early stage

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two years out had cellulitis in hospital 5 days but it has been month and still have tremendous amount of pain fatigue down arm and in breast everything feel like effort has anyone ever gone back for mastectomy due to these problems and had better results quality of life wise never completely sure what to do or who to talk to i hope and wish the best for all women who are afflicted with this monster belated happy valentines day


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No, I haven't had this.  Did you have a lumpectomy?  What did your oncologist or surgeon say about this?

Hugs, Diane

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I don't know where you had your cellulitis, but if you had any nodes removed, it puts you at risk for lymphedema. Lymphedema makes you more vulnarable to cellulitis. LE can also cause pain and discomfort. There is also something called cording that can cause pain and discomfort. cancer.org, the national institute of health, breastcancer.org has information on all that to learn about. I would look into that to rule it out.

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Cinnamonsmile is right.  If you did have lymph nodes removed, which I assume you did, you might have lymphedema which can cause a lot of pain and swelling.  Have you been looked at for that?  It can happen at any time.

Good luck,


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Hi Deeb111,

I had a mastectomy with lymph node dissection in 1994.  Sentinel node biopsy wasn't invented yet.  Eighteen months after finishing chemo, I had my first bout of cellulitis, in 1996 and 3 months later 1997, another bout with it.  I was in the hospital 5 days being treated with IV antibiotics.  My arm was totally red and looked liked a cooked lobster claw.  I had fatigue and pain in that arm.   It was tied to an IV post in order to try draining the arm.  Went home and tied it to a clothing tree for the next 5 days.  I called it my "statue of Liberty" pose.  Then in 1998, I had my third and this time the pain didn't go away.  Finally had a ct scan which showed a tumor in the axilla.  I opted for another lymph node dissection, radiation and since I was ER+ was given a script for Arimidex.

The reason for my pain the last time was that the tumor had sucked in two nerves.  They were not nerves of any importance as I didn't feel pain where they were cut nor did I miss them.  Everytime, I moved my arm the nerves moved too, thus the pain.

I would have this checked out if I were you.  In my case cellulitis happen because the tumor was blocking the lymph from draining the bacteria from such things as a minor paper cut, a pin prick from my embroidery needle and etc.  After the surgery, I didn't have that pain so it was a great relief.  I would never advise anyone of having two lymph node dissections.  One is enough which is when they took out level one nodes which some did have cancer in.  The 2nd time, they removed all of level 2 lymph nodes along with the tumor and some nodes at level 3.

Hope this helps.


PS:  I thought after 1999, I was finished with infections.  I developed a 4th bout in 2006 from a hang nail.  Ended up in the hospital again for a nice R&R.  It's been 7 years and haven't had another.


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