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Voice TEP

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Hi ,I have the TEP but for a back up in case it failes me I have Purchased an I Phone 5 or you could us an I Pad ..And on this phone threw Gus Comunications I have purchased an APP that will speak for me ;they have phrases already on it or you can write whatever you want to say and it will speak for you .I like it a lot because I could not talk for 10 months and had to use the electro Larynx which I hated because it sounded too mechanical .This speach APP sounds more normal than even the TEP speach.It can be used for people who have had a stroke ,autisum Laryngectomy,Als,etc. There is also one with Pics for people who cannot read and you just press the pic and it speaks.Makes me a little more human ,people just have to expect the hesitation in speach.

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