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February 1, 2013 How MFH changed our way of LIFE.

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A 7 cm. tumor in the left thigh & 2 Pathology reports from St. Lukes hospital which read in bold and Capital letters, MALIGNANT FIBROUS HISTOCYTOMA.. LEIOMYOSARCOMA with CHONDROID OSTEOID DIFFERENTIATION..

The once ordinary routine of a simple Family with a family run corporation who did everything by the book is now in Limbo.

I have just won my battle with alcoholism and now am 30 months clean and sober and We all thought that everything's going to be sunshine's and rainbows after that dark phase and now this. Recommendation from one if not probably the best oncologist in our country was Immediate SURGERY then chemotherapy. I graduated BS biology so I was the 1st and only one of 3 siblings who said WAIT....please let me do my research and i will give recommendations for our family to discuss.

Since we were told it was a very rare form of cancer and I have learned that the chances of recurrence is very high, given my family's belief in ALTERNATIVE medicine/treatment I have looked at FUDA CANCER HOSPITAL in china which was featured in major television networks and the nations broadsheets for the past 5 years or so. We all thought cryosurgery was the answer but then just a week before flying to Guangzhou china, we have learned from their Chinese Doctor representative in our country that surgery is still the 1st best option rather than 3 bouts of cryosurgery to control the mass.

So the family decision goes--- Mom will go to china for 3rd opinion and if she is convinced with treatment plan, will undergo vascular interventional therapy and undergo surgery after 15 days...If not, she'll fly to either MD Anderson Houston or The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center. This site is a gift from above, I have been through hell and back and I believe by the grace of GOD, we will get through this. ONE DAY AT A TIME...


Mom's MFH

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